Acer TeamStory Cup Season 3: Playoffs

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Participants for the Offline Finals[edit]

Team Acer
Ukraine  Bly
South Korea  INnoVation
South Korea  MMA
Canada  Scarlett
Team Liquid
Denmark  Bunny
Norway  Snute
Poland  MaNa
Netherlands  Ret
Germany  TLO

Due to wrist issues, TaeJa's doctor advised him not to play for two weeks after IEM Shenzhen. HerO moved out of Incredible Miracle's team house and needed to find a new place to live. Thus, the two Korean players could not be in Germany for the Grand Finals.[1]


Grand Finals
Team Liquid
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2nd Series
The team coming from the winner bracket starts with a 1-0 against their opponents in every clanwar.
Team Acer

Following the departure of Dear & VortiX, mousesports was allowed to nominate two new players to fulfill their lineup before the playoffs started.[2] Majestic and Sjaak were recruited on July 7th and 8th.


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