Battle on the Boardwalk LE

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[e][h]Battle on the Boardwalk LE
Compound Mansion
Spawn Positions:
2 at 2, 10

Official Map Description[edit]

Not only is the map fairly smushed together, it has many aggressiveforward chokes (think gettysberg's bridge) yet also has a "Boardwalk" around the outside edge of the map that connects both mains.
Both the backdoor boardwalk and the forward aggressive boardwalk can both be fully walled with just one depot/pylon if needed.
The natural is far enough away from the aggressive boardwalk that Tank pushes shouldn't be too strong.
Tanks can only deny 2 mineral fields from the lowground fourths and 4 mineral fields from the lowground fifths if they are placed on the upper boardwalk around the edge of the map.

Nothing like a pleasant stroll on the boardwalk to calm you down. Play hard, rush harder.

Submitted to Teamliquid Map Contest.
Created by: SidianTheBard



Artistic Views[edit]


Terran vs. Zerg Zerg vs. Protoss Protoss vs. Terran Mirrors
Map # Σ Terran Zerg Terran % Σ Zerg Protoss Zerg % Σ Protoss Terran Protoss % Terran Zerg Protoss
Battle on the Boardwalk LEBattle on the Boardwalk LE    242 83 32 51 38.6% 74 35 39 47.3% 21 13 8 61.9% 9 39 16

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