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[e][h]Heart of the Swarm
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Collect 100 Eggs
  • Zagara Can't Collect 100 Eggs
  • Destroy Zagara's Base


  • Destroy infested Command Centers
Available heroes:

Domination is the first mission of Char arc.

Kerrigan returns to Char, only to find Zegara unwilling to acknowledge her as the leader of the Swarm.


You can use the Baneling starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Collect 100 Eggs
  • Zagara Can't Collect 100 Eggs
  • Destroy Zagara's Base


At the start of the mission, you will have a few Zerglings and Kerrigan. Start off by building up your drone count. A very short while into the mission, Zagara will appear together with some Zerglings. You do not need to engage her at all, feral Zerglings and Banelings will take her out for you. After they are done, the remaining forces will join you.

In order to make this mission easier, you should have your rally close to the middle. This will allow you to easily move with an army to where Zagara is moving, as well as to intercept enemy forces trying to attack your base. Nothing outside of Zagara's forces are particularly large, so moving around with a few units and Kerrigan is an easy way to get a hundred eggs and finishing off the side missions.

Once you have collected all the needed eggs, a small cut scene will show how the eggs hatch into Banelings and Zerglings. With this huge force, you should have no problem finishing Zagara's base off. The mission ends once the base is destroyed. When playing this mission again through Master Archives, you can end the mission early if you kill Zagara's base.


  • Destroy infested Command Centers
To the east and west are two infested Command Centers. Destroy them and their small defensive forces. The minimap locates them with yellow circles.

Easter Eggs[edit]

If you kill Zagara without Kerrigan around, she will exclaim: "You killed me with minions? At least fight me yourself!"


Complete the "Domination" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Poached Eggs
Hatch all 6 Baneling Nests in the "Domination" mission before collecting 100 Eggs 10
This one is quite easy, they are displayed on the mini map as small yellow dots. Walk around the map with a small killing force, and you should be able to find them all.
No Egg For You
Don't Let Zagara Collect an Egg in the "Domination" mission on Normal difficulty 10
This one can be achieved by setting up your defense right outside of Zagara's base. Her attacks grows larger the first few attacks, continue to mass up an army and go around collecting eggs with Kerrigan alone. Worth noting is that you cannot end the mission early by killing Zagara's base, you must collect a hundred eggs yourself.
Destroy Zagara's base in the "Dominion" mission in less than 14 minutes on Hard difficulty before collecting 100 Eggs 10
This can be done with Zerglings alone, but is a lot easier if you do it through the Master Archives. To start this mission off you should take the base to the right immediately, and mass up a huge army right outside Zagara's door. Then, once Zagara herself has walked right into you, walk in and destroy the base.