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Echoes of the Future
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Reach the Nexus.
  • Bring Zeratul to each of the Overmind's 4 Tendrils. (Research)
  • Zeratul must survive.


Credits earned:
Research Points:
2 Protoss and 4 Zerg
Available heroes:

Echoes of the Future is the third Zeratul mission. Zeratul travels to Aiur to try to make some sense of the prophecy by peering into the mind of the now dead Overmind.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Reach the Nexus.
  • Bring Zeratul to each of the Overmind's 4 Tendrils. (Research)
  • Zeratul must survive.


You start off only with Zeratul, and he must make his way to the Nexus, which is marked for you on the map. There is no detection at all on the way there, so you can just move straight to the Nexus, or take out all the Zerglings first with the aid of the Observer.

Once you reach the Nexus, a timer will start to countdown that will signal when a Zerg attack will be launched on your base. As you survive more attacks, the waves will gradually get harder, to the point where you'll start seeing waves of Roach/Ultralisk bearing down on you. You are able to access Colossi in this mission, so you want to have a combination that's heavy on Colossus and Stalkers. Be sure to get some Immortals and Zealots too though.

One tip to help fend off Zerg attacks, especially on Brutal, is to utilize Zeratul's Void Prison ability. If used on the Nydus Worms, they will stop vomiting units while in the Void Prison. If they are killed before the Void Prison wears off, they will produce no units. This means you can focus most of your units on one side of your base to easily eliminate the wave at minimal losses.

While building up your economy, you want to send Zeratul out with an Observer to pick off any units that you can. There are a lot of resource containers on the map, which will help you to build up the force you need. Collect any by your base with Zeratul for now.

After you have gotten at least a dozen or so units, you can move out to secure the nearby Tendril, which is right to the northeast of your base. You should bring a Probe to both build a base here and power up the structures, as you'll get free units. If you do set up a base here to boost your income, make sure you split up your main army into two groups to defend both your main base and your expansion when the Zerg attack.

Immediately after you've fended off another Zerg attack, move out towards the right-most Tendril on the map. It's guarded by Infested Terrans, which shouldn't be a threat at all to your growing ball. Once you've secured that Tendril, get back to your base and fend off the next Zerg attack.

The last two Tendrils are essentially in the same area, so you want to get them together. Once you fight off the Zerg attack, move through the path to the North of your base, wipe out any Zerg resistance, and grab that Tendril. To be honest, the Zerg don't put up much of a fight, and the terrain doesn't hinder you on this map as opposed to the previous one. Even if the Zerg attack your base, you can sacrifice it as once Zeratul reaches the final Tendril, the mission ends.


There are two Obelisks on the map, which can be powered up for one Protoss Research point each. The first Obelisk is to the northeast of your base, next to the closest Overmind Tendril. You can power it up as you clear the units out for Zeratul to access the Tendril. The second Obelisk is north-northwest of your base. It's on the high ground that must be used to access the Tendrils from the left side of the map. It's right next to the Warpgate that's pointed out to you. You can power it up as you pass through the area.


Echoes of the Future
Complete all mission objectives in the "Echoes of the Future" mission. 15
Army of One
Complete the "Echoes of the Future" mission with Zeratul killing 50 Zerg units on Normal difficulty. 10
Overmind Dead Body
Complete the "Echoes of the Future" mission on Hard difficulty in less than 20 minutes. 10

If you are having trouble, this mission can be easily completed on brutal difficulty in under 4 minutes using this pictorial guide. Alternatively you can view this YouTube video to see how the speed run is possible.

Brutal Walkthrough With All Achievements