Campaign/Fire in the Sky

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Fire in the Sky
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Destroy Gorgon Battlecruisers
  • Awaken Scourge Nests


  • Find Zerg Biomass
Available heroes:

Fire in the Sky is the second mission of Char arc

Kerrigan tries to move through the bone trench in order to reach General Warfield's fortress.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Destroy Gorgon Battlecruisers
  • Awaken Scourge Nests


In this mission, you need to hurry forward with your creep tumors to activate scourge nests. In order to activate a scourge nest, place a creep tumor close to it. It is recommended that you build a few extra Swarm Queens in order to get the creep spreading really fast. Kerrigan's Malignant Creep ability is also very useful, if you have access to it. Directly beneath the first ramp is a Defiler corpse, getting close activates this mission's side quest.

The rest of the mission is quite straight forward, continue onward towards the next scourge nest. To the right of the fifth scourge nest is the second Defiler bone heap. After you activate the fifth scourge nest however, the enemy sends a raven and two vikings to take out your creep tumors. Intercept them and take care of them before they kill off too many.

When you activate the sixth scourge nest, drop pads are sent to the last one. You should still have a big enough army to take them out without any real problems. However, before you take the last scourge nest, go to the east and right before the Terran base turn up to collect the last Defiler bones. The mission ends when you shoot down the last Gorgon Battlecruiser.


  • Find Zerg Biomass
Find the three corpses of defilers on the map
The first one is to the right of the first ramp. the second one is in the north east corner of the map (to the right of the ramp leading down to the north eastern scourge nest). The third one is located to the right of two last scourge nest, south of the Terran base entrance.


Fire in the Sky
Complete the "Fire in the Sky" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Red Alert
Don't let 5 units die to the Gorgon Battlecruiser in the "Fire in the Sky" mission 10
This is really simple, don't walk units under the Gorgon Battlecruisers.
Conquer and Command
Destroy 3 Orbital Command structures in the "Fire in the Sky" mission on Normal difficulty 10
You need somewhat of an army to accomplish this. It is easier if you have unlocked Roaches and Hydralisk, but it is possible to do with only Zerglings. Their locations are: the first Command Center is to the south of the ramp leading up to the second scourge nest, the second Command Center to the left of the third scourge nest, and the last one is to the right of the two last scourge nests.
Going, Going, Gorgon!
Destroy 4 Gorgon Battlecruisers within 120 second in the "Fire in the Sky" mission on Hard difficulty 10
Going, Going, Gorgon!
The easiest way to achieve this is to wait as much as possible before activating the first scourge nest. Go forward with Kerrigan and what units you have, as fast as you can without losing too many units. More Swarm Queens is also helpful since you want your creep to spreed as fast as possible.

Easter Eggs[edit]

At the bottom right of the map, where the last Orbital Command Centre is, if you look on the terrain, you can see that it indicates that the area is Docking Bay 94. This is a Star Wars: A New Hope reference. Docking Bay 94 is where the Millenium Falcon was docked on Tatooine when Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker hired Han Solo to take them to Alderaan.

Docking Bay 94