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[e][h]Heart of the Swarm
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Infest the Garrisons
  • Destroy the Dominion Outpost
  • At least 1 Infestor must Survive
  • Destroy the Lab Entrance


  • Creep Science Facilities
Available heroes:

Infested is the first mission of the Skygeirr arc.

Kerrigan travels to Skygeirr station.


You can use the Infestor starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Infest the Garrisons
  • Destroy the Dominion Outpost
  • At least 1 Infestor must Survive
  • Destroy the Lab Entrance


This mission starts off with showing how to use the Infestor. You should have no problem with the first part at all. Make good use of the Infestors Parasitic Domination by stealing the enemies heavy ordnance.

The enemy will send strike forces towards your virophages, either build a defense of spine and spore crawlers or have a bit of your army ready to move wherever they attack. You should try to push up towards the north eastern part of the map, since there is an expansion there.

After the third time the Dominion gases the platform, a bridge will be connected between the middle of the map and your base. You should be able to already have cleared to that spot from the right. But if you haven't, spend a little time setting up some defense to stop any oncoming enemies.

Close to the end of the mission, you will encounter Battlecruisers. The best is to take them over, but it is not needed. There is a Planetary fortress in front of the Lab Entrance. If you have taken over the Battlecruisers they can take it out without any problems at all.


  • Creep Science Facilities
Put creep tumors in close proximity to the Science Facilities
Their location is marked on your map with yellow circles


Just Getting Inside
Complete the "Infested" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Spreading the Disease
Infest all Garrisons without losing a Virophage in the "Infested" mission on Normal difficulty 10
Play the mission safe and focus on defense. This achievement should come without any real problems for you.
Master of Puppets
Kill 60 enemy units with Parasitic Dominated terran units in the "Infested" mission 10
If you have problem with this achievement, try to take control over Tanks, Thors and Battlecruisers, and you should be able to get sixty kills.
Once, Twice, Three Times Malady
Complete the "Infested" mission before the Dominion Gas the Platform a 3rd time on Hard difficulty 10
Once, Twice, Three Times Malady
The easiest way to do this is to use Parasitic domination on the first two medivacs that attack your first virophage. Kill everything and head up towards the ghost and predator platform. Kill the four turrets to the left. You can then lift Kerrigan up right behind the Lab Entrance. Kill off the vikings that will attack you then stay there and destroy the entrance.

Easter Eggs[edit]

On this map you will be able to find a bar with the name "Wyld Wyngs" and a custom description which is mostly unnoticed by most players and is a reward from the developers for players who scout missions carefully.

Wyld Wyngs

On the top centre of the map you will be able to find Predators in different colors which is a reference to the anime "Voltron" in which there are 5 catlike robots in different colors.