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Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Slay the Primal Pack Leaders
  • Kill Zurvan
  • Kerrigan Must Survive


  • Find Xel'Naga Relics
Available heroes:

Supreme is the third and last mission of the Zerus arc

Kerrigan is fighting of the last Primal Zerg leaders with her new form.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Slay the Primal Pack Leaders
  • Kill Zurvan
  • Kerrigan Must Survive


Supreme is a linear mission. You will start out by being taught her new abilities. They recharge quickly and she have a lower energy pool but an extreme increase in energy regeneration. Her heal is very potent and allows her to survive much easier. The first part is very straight forward follow the path and pick up the first Xel'naga artifact as well as the second one, it's to the north west on top of a small ledge with zerglings.

Following the road south you get to the first boss. All bosses in this mission telegraphs their attacks with red markers. You don't need to keep your Primal Zerg friends alive Kerrigan can kill off the bosses easily herself. Leap on the boss to damage him fast forcing him to burrow and summon eggs. Dash through the eggs to kill them fast and repeat the first part. Don't forget that if you get hurt you can always use Mend.

For the start of the second part you get a patch of new units. When you walk a short distance forward there will be a lot of eggs. You are told to destroy them before they hatch. Focus on the big ones with your units and dash through the small ones with Kerrigan to take them out fast. Right after that you will walk though a long ridge. In the middle of it is the third Xel'naga relic. There is a small force of enemies before you get to a new reinforcement squad.

The second boss telegraphs his attacks as well. When ever he charges, a lot of primal Zerglings will fall from the ceiling. Take them out quickly with Kerrigans dash. In order for this to go quickly, you should try to keep as many of your forces alive as possible and focus them on the boss, while Kerrigan keeps them alive with mend and kills the smaller enemies with dash.

At the start of the last walking part of the mission you will get a huge amount of reinforcement. But the best way to keep everything alive is actually to leave them behind and continue on with only Kerrigan. To the right after the bridge there is a jumping point for Kerrigan, at the end of it is the last Xel'naga relic. Follow the path forward to get to the third boss.

The final boss spawn a lot of small Banelings. Focus fire the boss with your primal Zerg forces and kill off the banelings with Kerrigans dash. You will most likely lose a few units here. Once this boss falls you would think the mission is over, but Zurvan shows his true colors and tries to kill you off.

Zurvan is the longest boss fight. He spawn quite a lot of forces from his mouth. Spread your forces out and focus fire him. Once his HP reaches around twenty five percent. He will stand up and attack one third of the platform you stand on. He will aim for the third you are standing on. Try to stay close to the edges of the attack and walk out of it by a little bit to be able to attack him for as long as possible.

If you're having trouble staying alive while fighting Zurvan, there are certain spots that he will never attack. You can burrow in those spots and stay hidden until he has killed off his minions and it's safe for you to unburrow and get in a couple of shots. It may be tedious, but it's a sure way to slowly get his life down to the point when he will stand up and you have to start running again. It's also useful to burrow and wait for his minions to be killed off by him before getting to the point where he stands up, because then you'll only have to worry about not being hit by him and not his minions as well. If the minions stand where they won't be hit, you can unburrow to get them to move.

Perhaps the easiest safe place to burrow, is on the northernmost edges of the platform, at 9 'o clock, if the platform is the lower half of a clock (see picture; press 'show' underneath), as it's far away from the minions and easy to locate every time you want to burrow. There are other safe spots as well. but they will all be closer to the minions.


  • Find Xel'Naga Relics
There are four Xel'Naga Relics that you need to walk to.
The first one is right in your path. The second one is to the north west atop a ledge filled with zerglings. The third one is a little bit above the path way right after you have killed a lot of eggs in the second part of the map. The fourth and last one is in the third part of the mission, right after the bridge to the east.

Easter Eggs[edit]

This Easter Egg is found after the first Boss in the Mission Supreme. It is the right arm of the side character Dehaka in the Campaign who seems to have one normal and one shorter arm.

Dehaka's Right Arm


Complete the "Supreme" mission 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement.
Endangered Species
Kill 300 enemy units with Kerrigan in the "Supreme" mission 10

Make sure to kill everything with Kerrigan and you should not have to much trouble killing three hundred enemies.

Queen of the Jungle
Complete the "Supreme" mission without letting Kerrigan drop below 100 life on Normal difficulty 10

Use Mend at any time Kerrigan has taken damage and dodge out of bosses' telegraphed attacks.

Guide to Supreme, Endangered Species, Queen of the Jungle
Whose Queen Reigns Supreme?
Complete the "Supreme" mission in less than 12 minutes on Hard difficulty 10
Whose Queen Reigns Supreme? Guide
To move quickly through the level, skip everything except the bosses by charging through enemies. It is worth noting that the timer ends when you kill Zurvan, not when the actual mission ends.