Campaign/Tech Reactor

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The Tech Reactor is a custom building from the Campaign. It does not exist in Standard play.

[e][h] Tech Reactor
Building Information
75 75 50
400 1 (+2) (Armored, Structure, Mechanical)


The Tech Reactor is an add-on for the Barracks, Factory, and Starport that combines the features of the Tech Lab and Reactor. It allows buildings to produce units that require an attached Tech Lab. It also allows the building to produce two units at a time and increases the length of the build queue to eight. For example, a Barracks with a Tech Reactor can produce Marauder and Reaper units, and can produce two of them at a time.

Building the Tech Reactor requires the user to research the upgrade Tech Reactor. If Tech Reactor is researched, the user does not have the option of building regular Tech Labs or Reactors on their buildings.

Effect on Buildings[edit]


Unlocks Marauders, Firebats, Reapers, Medics (depending on whether Advanced Medics Facilities is purchased) and is a requirement for Ghosts or Spectres.


Unlocks Siege Tanks, Diamondbacks, Predators and is a requirement for Thors.


Unlocks Ravens or Science Vessels, Banshees, and Wraiths and is a requirement for Herculeses and Battlecruisers.


  • When a Tech Reactor is destroyed, units that have started production in that building will finish regardless of now-missing tech requirements.
  • Queued units which require the Tech Reactor will be canceled.
  • When a Tech Reactor is destroyed while building two units simultaneously, the second unit goes back into the queue.
  • Also when a Tech Reactor is destroyed while having more than 5 units in queue, the queue will be automatically shortened to 5 units, giving you resources back for the 6th, 7th and 8th unit in the queue.