Campaign/The Crucible

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The Crucible
Mission Information
Mission Objective
  • Proceed to Mysterious Pool
  • Kerrigan Must Survive
  • Kerrigan's Chrysalis Must Survive


  • Kill the Tyrannozor
Available heroes:

The Crucible is the second mission of the Zerus arc

Kerrigan is getting to the primordial spawning pool to transform herself into a stronger form.


You can use the Swarm Host starting from this mission.

Primary Objectives[edit]

  • Proceed to Mysterious Pool
  • Kerrigan Must Survive
  • Kerrigan's Chrysalis Must Survive


The mission starts with a small skirmish that shows how Swarm Hosts work. Follow the road up to the Primordial Spawning Pool. A cut scene will show how Kerrigan puts herself inside a chrysalis. You will not be able to use Kerrigan for the rest of this mission.

You might notice how there is an expansion to the right of your base. It is not needed to take it, but it allows you to mass more units. You only need to defend your base to complete this mission. First, you will only be attacked by Brakk's old forces. Shortly after this, you will be attacked by a new Primal Zerg leader. They will alternate between which side they attack.

You can get by with just Swarm Hosts for the first few waves. Later on, waves will include some flyers coming in from the side. You can defend these attacks in many ways: with a few queens, some Mutalisks or by building two extra spore crawlers on each side.

Some waves in and you will get an ability that allows you to summon flying locusts from the Primordial Spawning pool that attacks anything that tries to attack your main base. It does have a cooldown of a few minutes. About halfway through a Tyrannozor will appear. Killing it rewards Kerrigan with one level.

For the later part of the game you will be attacked from the bottom as well as the sides. There is rock there but planting some spine crawlers there before the attack starts will make it very easy to defend it. The last four to five minutes is an ongoing onslaught of enemies. If your defense is too weak you will fall fast. In order to survive easily you should have three to four spine crawlers on every side as well as around ten spore crawlers. With a small force to take care of any flyers that is trying to take you out.

A note for the whole mission: some Swarm Queens to heal your units as well as spine crawlers will make you take close to no losses.


  • Kill the Tyrannozor
Halfway through the mission, a Tyrannozor will appear at the bottom half of the map.
The easiest way to get to it is by using Mutalisks to fly over the stream of Primal Zerg forces and kill the Tyrannozor. You need around fifteen Mutalisks to take out the Tyrannozor without any problem. Alternatively, you can select the burrow move roach mutation and sneak 8-10 roaches pass the two primal armies if you want to spend more gas on swarm hosts. Remember, the Tyrannozor does splash damage to ground units, so burrow micro your roaches and make sure they stay alive.

Easter Eggs[edit]

In The Crucible, you can find a strange creature in the north of your base standing on a cliff. This creature turns out to be Dehaka who will be introduced later in the campaign.

Strange Creature/Dehaka


The Crucible
Complete the "The Crucible" mission in the heart of the Swarm campaign 10
Complete the mission to obtain this achievement
Epic Meal Time
Kill 75 enemy units with Primordial Spawn Locusts in "the Crucible" mission 10
After a few waves you will be able to spawn flying locust from the Primordial Spawning pool. Getting seventy five kills is easily obtained by simply hitting the Spawn Locust button every time your base is under attack.
Can't Touch This Chrysalis
Complete "the Crucible" mission without Kerrigan's Chrysalis taking damage on Normal dificulty 10
This achievement requires you to build up a defense which does not let anything through. Mass up Swarm Hosts with a bit of air defense of your choice.
Short Life Expectancy
Kill the Tyrannozor in under 1 minute after it appears in "The Crucible" mission on Hard difficulty 10
To get this achievement easily build around fifteen Mutalisks before the Tyrannozor appears and send them down there immediately. If you are having problems with this one, make sure you have mutation that do bonus damage versus armor.