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Challenge missions are a series of scenarios designed by Blizzard to improve players' macro and micro skills. Completing all nine challenge missions with a rank of Gold will earn 320 achievement points and unlock the Spectre portrait.

To access the challenge missions, click on Raynor or "Episode I: Wings of Liberty", followed by the "Challenges" button.

Mission Descriptions[edit]

Basic Missions[edit]

  • Path of Ascension - Test your knowledge of Protoss units and what they counter. Defend your Pylons from all three waves, and try to keep as many units alive as possible. (Guide)
  • For the Swarm - Stave off waves of enemy units by sending the best Zerg units for the job. Protect your Spires from all three waves, and try to keep as many units alive as possible. (Guide)

Advanced Missions[edit]

  • Covert Ops - You command a small force of Terran specialist units in this challenge. Race the clock to kill as many enemy units as possible. (Guide)
  • Psionic Assault - You lead a small force of Protoss psionic specialists in this challenge. Use their abilities to defeat as many waves of enemy units as you can. (Guide)
  • Infestation - The Queen of Blades has provided you with a small force of Roaches and Infestors. Use stealth and trickery to destroy as much of the enemy base as you can before time runs out. (Guide)

Expert Missions[edit]

  • Harbinger of Death - Push your micro skills to their limits in this challenge. Use hotkeys alone to kill as many enemy units as possible before time runs out. (Guide)
  • Opening Gambit - Build up a strong economy and a large army while fighting off the enemy's early attacks. Optimize your build order to get the best time possible. (Guide)
  • Rush Defense - Learn how to fight off the early rush attacks that Zerg and Protoss players can bring against you in multiplayer. (Guide)

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Solid Gold
Score the rank of Gold in all the challenge missions. 20