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Several documentaries have been and are being created about StarCraft 2.


Many feature length documentaries about aspects of StarCraft 2 and its community have been started within just a year of the game's release, with many receiving a surprising amount of funding by means of Kickstarter's crowd financing.

BoxeR's Wings[edit]

BoxeR's Wings, which was produced by TvN in Korea, chronicles BoxeR's return to pro gaming and transition to StarCraft II. It was released in February 2011. Members of have translated it into English:

Good Game[edit]

Good Game directed by Mary Ratliff is set to tell the story of the players of Team Evil Geniuses, and the dedication that it takes to be a progamer. Following the players training to become better and their wins and losses along the way. The project was successfully funded for a total of $13,327. The documentary was released through a partnership with Devolver Digital Films in March 2014.

My Life For Aiur[edit]

My Life For Aiur was a documentary started in 2011 centered around the tournament circuit. It has a teaser but the related websites and project seems to have been scrapped.

The Sons of StarCraft[edit]

The Sons of StarCraft is a documentary by Jeff Alejos that chronicles the story of Tastosis - Tasteless and Artosis - and other progamers and their sacrifices. Among the subjects are Artosis' and Tastless' careers as pro gamers and casters and their personal lives, including the birth of Artosis' daughter Aria. The project received overwhelming support in part because of Tastosis's backing, and gained $42,155; over 200% of their original goal of $18,400. The documentary was released through ongamers website in a 4 part series in Nov. 2013.

Star Nation[edit]

Star Nation is a documentary focused on players and individuals of StarCraft 2, which received funding of $23,961 on Kickstarter from an initial goal of $9,750. Players from all backgrounds whether trying to break into the scene or currently professional players are going to be centered around, along with all those around the scene, whether spectator or event-runner. As of July 2014 the film is still in post production.

State of Play[edit]

State of Play Rise of the King is about 3 professional Starcraft 2 players. Every year thousands of South Koreans flock to the game stadiums in Seoul to watch the Pro League, a livesports event where professional gamers compete to be the best at one single video game: Starcraft. It’s a title many young South Koreans dream of. The game itself is more than a decade old, almost ancient in the fast developing world of video games, but in South Koreait has become a national past time. Like most specator sports, this world of eSports rapidly evolved in a multimillion dollar business. In this story, we follow 3 boys in different stages of their career as a Pro Gamer in South Korea. For some it will be a struggle to stay on top of their game, for others it might be the turning point of their l

Its world premiere was on its home turf in Belgium at Docville 2013 and on June 27th held a private screening for cast, crew and Korean eSports professionals in Seoul.

Lesser Length[edit]

Meta: The Culture of IPL[edit]

Meta: The Culture of IPL by Adam Evans, focuses on IGN ProLeague Season 3 and how fans and volunteers come together to create a large pro-gaming event. Features interviews from David Ting, Temp0 and Megumixbear which places focus, not on the players, but rather everyone else involved with the event. It seeks to explore the sub-culture that grows from games.

Inside MLG: Columbus 2011[edit]

Inside MLG: Columbus 2011 by and Michael Krukar details MLG Columbus 2011, the first MLG with invited Korean pros from the GSL-MLG Exchange Program, and how these players dominated the tournament. In part one, DoA talks about the Korean-Foreigner gap and MC's antics. SirScoots mentions that despite foreigner support and cheering, Koreans are taking the top place finishes at foreign events. MMA talks about his ceremony after beating IdrA, and part one concludes with footage from the finals (LosirA vs. MMA) and MMA's win.

Part two focuses primarily on the most successful foreigner of the event, IdrA. SirScoots and Destiny talk about his bad manner and actions. SirScoots also mentions how IdrA goes on tilt sometimes, how to help him with the problem, including his girlfriend at the time Katy. Machine and DeMusliM talk about whether they would go to Korea if they received a Code A or S spot. SirScoots finishes on how surprising the enormous growth and enthusiasm of the StarCraft 2 foreigner scene is to him. Part two trails out with shots of foreigners and other players of the event.

StarCraft II: Year One[edit]

StarCraft II: Year One by and Michael Krukar is a long form Q&A with players: Jinro, NaNiwa, Steak, KiWiKaKi, Spanishiwa, SLush, and qxc; and commentators, Husky and MrBitter. The players and commentators are asked a variety of questions including: how they got into StarCraft 2, their biggest win so far, most disappointing loss, Metalopolis removed from ladder, most important balance changes, and more. Appearances are also made by djWHEAT, Dustin Browder, Milkis, and other various players.

Star Dreams[edit]

Star Dreams by Luke Pierson & Veronica Idoate, interviews University of Illinois students, MilesS, DavasiaN, mangOMaster, and Wannabecool, about what StarCraft 2 is, the CSL, and about becoming a pro gamer. Artosis makes an appearance commenting on StarCraft 2's rise in popularity and becoming a pro.

Mates of StarCraft[edit]

Mates of StarCraft is a 3-part documentary by inFeZa about the Australian StarCraft II scene.

The Foreigner[edit]

The Foreigner by Jonathan Sutak, released in 2015, gives a behind-the-scenes look at MLG Columbus 2011 as IdrA was the foreigner favorite to take away first place from Korean players.


Behind the Booth[edit]

GSL Players: Behind the Booth presents a look at a few players in the GSL.

VODs Length Description Player
MarineKingPrime.WE Part 1 Part 2 23:47 MarineKing comments on commonly receiving 2nd place, his preparation for finals, friendship with Maka, the GSL World Championship Finals, his parents, meeting T-ara, becoming a pro-gamer, and a general Q&A is presented. South Korea  MarineKing
IMLosirA Part 1 Part 2 20:24 Losira (KangHo) talks about his dream, being friends with Squirtle, his introduction to StarCraft, playing the piano - with a performance, ceremonies and his own costing him a game against Bomber in GSTL Feb., preparation, and getting out the group stage in GSL May Code S. South Korea  LosirA
oGsTheWinD Part 1 Part 2 23:31 TheWinD talks about being both a player and coach of oGs, how he starts the day and takes care of schedules, having a foreigner in the house (HuK), practice, the team, continuing to be a player, how he got into StarCraft, and his Brood War career. He also talks about his friends, and members of oGs, including MC, comment on having TheWinD as a coach. South Korea  TheWinD
SlayerS_MMA 13:39 MMA talks about his results in the 2011 GSL Super Tournament final, joining SlayerS, practice, being compared to BoxeR, and his future. BoxeR talks about why he picked MMA for SlayerS, what kind of player MMA is, and MMA's similarities to him including a note of encouragement to MMA. South Korea  MMA
Nicolas Alexander Plott (Tasteless) at 35:45 15:00 Nick (Tasteless) is interviewed about his casting, popularity, and various topics about him living in Korea. Several GOMTV employees talk about Nick's style of commentating, his personality, popularity, and how he is adapting to Korea. (Note: Was re-aired right before the 2011 GSL October Code S Final at BlizzCon.) USA  Tasteless

New Path[edit]

New Path is a series by Artosis that documents Terran going to Korea and joining Team SCV Life.

Project A[edit]

Main article: Project A

Project A documents YellOw's return to the progaming scene and trying to qualify for Code A, which was broadcasted by GOMTV.

StarCraft Stories[edit]

StarCraft Stories is a documentary series exploring the journey of foreigners in Korea. Created by NoRegret & Matt Hollman , produced & Broadcasted by ESChamp