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[e][h] elemental
Player Information
Vincent Doré-Millet
March 21, 1987 (1987-03-21) (age 30)
Alternate IDs:
elemental, Ks.elemental

Vincent "elemental" Doré-Millet is a French-Canadian caster, host and photograph. Now done with his degree in Electrical Engineering at the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) in Montréal, he plans on a future heavily related to eSports.


StarCraft II[edit]

elemental first joined the clan Acid Reflex in 2010 as he lived in France. Only a few months after, the clan disbanded and it is only by luck that he later met AmateurQc on the ladder, who was among the co-founders of Team Killing Spree.

He started casting StarCraft II matches in early 2012 and started to upload YouTube VODs in French mostly from matches starring Canadian and French players.

His very first live-casting was the solo-cast of the Canadian 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series qualifier at the SkyzoCup on May 27 of 2012. Since this event, he has also worked on other WCS qualifiers with Kadium, with who he occasionally co-casts every Sunday's KsOpen.

With Kadium and the CyberActiv crew, he made his first official appearance in Toronto at the North American Star League Season 3/Main Bracket for the NASL French Stream.

Lan ETS[edit]

Joining Lan ETS in 2011 as sponsorship manager, elemental took his first steps in Montreal's LAN community. Having a particularly close contact with CyberActiv, he had the occasion to meet representatives from the electronic industry.

Acting master of ceremony with Mouton for LAN ETS 2012 and LAN ETS 2013, he stepped on the stage during the whole event, introducing sponsors and events. He also introduced tournament streaming at this event in 2012 and successfully installed, against all odds, a mechanical bull in 2013.


In July 2014, elemental hosted the first Electronic Sports World Cup event in Montreal. StarCraft 2 was not part of this event, but it might be in a future edition.


  • ID comes from a party he founded at ETS for Electrical Engineering students, the EleMentalBlast.
  • Also plays BattleField 3 (under the ID elemental2103, as an engineer...)