Emerald Plateau

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 This article is for a user made Melee Map. It is not currently part of standard competitive play

[e][h]Emerald Plateau
Spawn Positions:
2 at 11' and 5'
Competition Span:


Emerald Plateau is a static map with easy to defend bases. Positional play and mapcontrol become very important on this one.

Map Description[edit]

To each base belong a certain amount of paths and ramps, all of wich are easily controlable. As a result this map clearly favours the defender because of how easy the paths are to hold.
However, the map will only show its true character if the game exceeds the first 2 bases, wich are placed in standard fashion. The quite open center allowes for big battles later on.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Static - Most bases are very easy to hold and promote defending.
  • Plateau - Between the natural and third is a high ground that plays a big role in holding the natural and third.

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