ForGG Hellion/Banshee Opener (vs. Zerg)

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This build is a variation of the Reactor Hellion Expand (vs. Zerg), modified slightly to fit ForGG's (formerly fOrGG's) extra-aggressive style.


The goal of this build is to establish a strong economy heading into the mid game, then tech to Hellions to gain early map control, and then to Banshees to harass. The double Engineering Bays allow the user to potentially gain a lead in upgrades if the opponent does not go for double Evolution Chambers or does not reactively build them. This also increases the cost effectiveness of the Terran army going into the late game versus Zerg. Note that this is a late-game minded strategy as it is tailored at achieving success throughout the later stages of the game, the overall strategy can however be altered to end the game quickly, i.e. via all-in. The most important aspect of this build is that it allows for a fast third base if the Zerg elects to play passively.

Basic Build Order[edit]


This build opens up gasless fast expand into a fast tech path to a Starport. You can also opt for a faster aggression by delaying the second Command Center until after the Starport. However opening up with a faster Command Center places you in a better position going into the mid game, and is not as reliant on doing damage as the delayed Command Center variant is.

This build requires a high amount of multitasking. You need to be able to manage your harass as well as staying on top of your macro in order to benefit form the full potential of this build.


As with any strategy, scouting is key to adapting and transition throughout the game. Scouting the opposition Zergs tech path will dictate how you compose your army. Scouting Zerg aggression will also allow you to determine when you are safe to take a third expansion.


One possible transition out of the opening is to follow up with a powerful Marine, Hellion, Tank push once plus one attack and plus one armor finishes. The double Engineering Bays allow you to take the lead in upgrades if your opponent does not have a double Evolution Chamber incorporated into his build. This will become increasingly beneficial the longer the game goes on as it makes your army that much more cost effective when compared to your opponent.

Instead of transitioning into the classical style of Marine/Tank, it is also possible to add more factories and go for a timing attack with Thors.


This map is generally better on larger maps as larger maps weaken the vulnerability to early aggression or cheese.


One minor detail to note, ForGG has one SCV continuously building Supply Depots, this should help lower ranked players prevent supply blocking themselves. Anytime the idle SCV icon is displayed, the Supply Depot SCV is done building a Supply Depot. Then you can just hit F1 (the default select idle worker key) and use that SCV to build another depot.


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