French Master Series 2013

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The French Master Series of Video Games 2013 is a tour which consists of several offline and online events, divided into three categories: Masters Series, Online Series and Open Series, each giving a different number of points. The top four will qualify for the French Master Series Finals 2013.

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Master Series 2013 Events
Event Date Prize City
Epsilan 10 February Lyon No StarCraft II Tournament
InsaLan 8 February €1,000 Rennes France  CENSURE France  RiSK Spain  AlaStOr France  KenZy
Nexen Play Again March Tourcoing No StarCraft II Tournament
Gamers Assembly 2013 March €3,500 Poitiers South Korea  ForGG France  MarinLorD France  ToD France  KenZy
PxL-Lan #37 April €1,050 Brignoles France  ToD France  CENSURE France  NeOAnGeL France  Maismz
EpZiLAN 3 April Strasbourg TBD TBD TBD TBD
MFJV Online Series #2 May Online Event Cancelled?
GeeX Festival May €7,000 Paris Event Cancelled
PxL-Lan #38 June €700 Arles France  ToD France  Denver France  NeOAnGeL Poland  DieStar
French Master Series Finals 2013 August €700 Paris France  RiSK France  Adelscott Spain  AlaStOr France  CENSURE


Master Series 2013 Rankings
Rank Player Team Points
1 France  CENSURE Imaginary Gaming 23
2 Spain  AlaStOr Team 13
3 France  Adelscott Millenium 13
4 France  RiSK Team MiA 12
5 France  KenZy Team 12
6 France  aGZueD ZZZZZ 5
7 France  SonG Cascade 5
8 France  Dayshi Millenium 5

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