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Player Information
Dan Chou
May 28, 1990 (1990-05-28) (age 27)
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Dan "Frodan" Chou is a StarCraft II & Hearthstone caster formerly working for the North American Star League.


Frodan is known for his versatility and flexibility, able to mesh well with most other casters. Prior to NASL, he has worked with the likes of Day9, CatsPajamas, Diggity, DoA, Megumixbear, and Robin.

He was highly active in the local Southern California StarCraft II scene, having traveled thousands of miles in total in order to cast at local LANs and attend Barcrafts.

Casting History, Wings of Liberty[edit]

Frodan first started casting for his local university Collegiate Starleague team and Sagacity Gaming. His involvement with his school's Starcraft II team led him to his first big break casting alongside Diggity at the UCSD Winter Gamefest. Shortly after, he started freelance broadcasting for many different organizations and tournaments such as Playhem Daily, Z33k, Korean Weekly, Esports Weekly Match, Tt eSPORTS Challenge, Frag For Charity, and MLG.

He now hosts alongside Gretorp for the North American Starleague.[1][2]

In the latter half of 2012, Frodan has since been active at other events such as his journalism coverage of the 2012 World Championship for GameSpot[3] and casting IPL5 with Sheth.

Notable Event Appearances[edit]


  • Former competitive Halo player.
  • Studied at the University of California - San Diego and played for their StarCraft II team.
  • During his senior year of college, won an academic award for giving a speech on Esports.
  • Masters League NA as Random.[4]