Ghost (Wings of Liberty Campaign)

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This article is for the Single Player version of this unit. For the Multiplayer version, see: Ghost.
[e][h] Ghost
Unit Information
Ground Unit
150 150 40 2
Attack 1:
Targets: Ground / Air
Damage: 10 (+1)
DPS: 6.7 (+0.7)
Cooldown: 1.5
Bonus: +10 (+1) vs Light
Bonus DPS: 6.7 (+0.7) vs Light
Range: 6 (+2)
100 0 (+1)
50 (+100) / 200 (+100)
11 (+3)
Cargo Size:
Strong against:
Weak against:


The Ghost is a specialized infantry unit built from a Barracks with an attached Tech Lab once a Ghost Academy has been constructed. The Ghost has a ranged attack that deals 10 damage +10 against light units, but its real power lies in its special abilities.

Snipe deals 45 damage regardless of armor to any biological unit at the cost of 25 energy. Snipe is an effective tool in a few situations. It can be queued to multiple units, allowing the Ghost to Snipe up to 8 units in quick succession. This can make the Ghost effective when dropped into Terran or Zerg Mineral lines, while whittling down an approaching enemy force or to quickly wipe out enemy harassment.

The Ghost's Cloak allows it to render itself invisible to enemies without detection. This is generally used to get the Ghost into a good position to Snipe an opponent or to sneak into a base for a Nuke.

Nuke is the Ghost's final ability and will allow the unit to calldown a Nuke on a target location provided the Ghost Academy has a Nuke ready and that the Ghost can channel for the full-time. The Nuke is a devastating ability that deals terrible, terrible damage to any buildings or units that it hits. However, the cost of using Nukes is very high and requires a lot of gas and minerals to tech to, the long "charge" time also renders it ineffective against units, as they can easily move away.

Campaign Specifics[edit]

Available in mission: Ghost of a Chance
Mercenary version: None
Hero version: Nova


Range: 10
Duration: 0.5 s
Damage: 25(+25 vs psionic)
Hotkey: R
The Ghost snipes a single, biological unit for 25(+25 vs psionic) damage. This ability can be queued for multiple snipes.
25 (-0.9 / s)
Hotkey: C
The Ghost becomes invisible until it runs out of energy or the player cancels Cloak.


Range: 12
Cooldown: 20 s
Damage: 300 (+200 to buildings)
Hotkey: N
The Ghost calls down a nuclear strike at the targeted spot. Nukes take 20 seconds to land.
Crius Suit
Ghost's cloak no longer requires energy.
Ocular Implants
Ghosts gain +2 range and +3 sight.


Crius Suit
Credits : 125,000
Researched from: Armory Console
Ghost's cloak no longer requires energy.
Ocular Implants
Credits : 85,000
Researched from: Armory Console
Ghosts gain +2 range and +3 sight.
Cellular Reactor
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Specialist units (any non-hero with energy) gain +100 starting energy and +100 maximum energy.
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Armor upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increase life by 5% in addition to increasing armor.
Researched from: Laboratory Console
Weapon upgrades in the Armory and Engineering Bay increase attack speed by 5% in addition to increasing damage.



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