IGA Season 1

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[e][h]IGA Season 1
League Information
Israel Gaming Association
Israel Israel
Five Bi-weekly qualifier tournaments
One championship tournament
Prize pool:
Start Date:
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The IGA season 1 is the first of the new 2012 IGA StarCraft II tournaments format.


The IGA Season 1 is the first tournament from the new tournament format of the Israeli Gaming Association. The IGA Season 1 is compiled from five Clash events and one Championship event. Clashes are held at about every two weeks on specific dates, while the Championship will be held at the end of the five Clashes.

Every Clash is open to 32 Israeli players, who compete for it's prize pool and for seeding. The top 16 players (based on seeding) will qualify to the Championship event (which has inner importance for seeding as well).

Prize Pool[edit]

Tables of prizes for both the Clash events, and the Championship event.

Clash Prize Pool[edit]

$50 is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $35
2nd $15
3rd IGA Mouse Pad
4th G.Skill Key Chain

Championship Prize Pool[edit]

$200 is spread among the players as seen below:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $100 + SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mouse Pad
2nd $60 + MSI Gamer Pad
3rd $30 + MSI Poker Deck
4th $10 + IGA Pad


1. Participants must be from Israel, furthermore prizes will only be sent to an Israeli address.

2. Check-ins start 30 minutes before the tournament start time. Players must 'Check-In' in-order to participate in the tournament.

3. A player who did not show up 15 minutes after the tournament has begun (For the first round), will be eliminated.

4. Half an hour before the tournament starts, the registration will be closed and players will be seeded into the brackets. Late comers will NOT be seeded.

5. All games must be played on maps from the Map Pool:

Map Pool[edit]

6. On matches that are best-of-three or higher, the player who lost, picks the map (from the Map Pool) for the next match. Players cannot pick the same map twice in the same round.

7. Players MUST be at the Battle.Net Channel "IGA" and also on the IRC Channel "IGA" located at QuakeNet.

8. All players must save ALL the replays, and it's the winner's responsibility to upload to replay to the site. In a case both players didn't save the replays, it would be considered as a forfeit for both players.

9. Excessive bad manners would not be tolerated. Players that would be found by an Admin that they are using excessive amounts of BM will be eliminated from the tournament and will be subject for a suspension or banning from future IGA tournaments.

10. If a player left a game before it was finished, no matter the reason (technical issues, etc.), he loses the specific match.

11. Observers are not allowed. Only Casters and Admin are allowed to enter a game.

12. If an Admin or a Caster requests you to wait in-order to cast your game, you have to wait for the casters.

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