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[e][h]Imbalanced Television
Company Information

IMBAtv is a streaming channel that covers events such as Go4SC2 ESL as well as personal gaming by McDuffs. Former cup covered also includes CraftCup, Alien Invasion Weekly Cup, 2012 Ritmix Russian StarCraft II League Season 2 and GIGABYTE Cup. They also covered a few tournaments of their own such as ISC and a monthly showmatch.

IMBAtv covers mainly StarCraft II, official stream for CraftCup-tournaments.

On December 15, 2011, IMBAtv celebrated its first birthday on Team Liquid with a 12 hour cast covering several events and show matches.


Name Position
USA Chris "mcDuffs" Crevling Main Streamer and CEO
Denmark Dennis "Torai" Jakobsen Community Manager
United Kingdom Oliver "Firesilver" Tadman Caster and Manager
Norway Markus "Emperor" Løtveit Caster and secondary streamer
Bulgaria Dimitar "Addicted" Yakimov Caster
Israel Shemer "Forester" Shapira Caster
Belgium Koen "MinionOd" Van de Moortel Caster
Norway Mats "Profix" Guttormsen Caster
Rihansu Moderator


Name Position
Warpfire Caster and Steamer
Zomax Caster
JimRaynor Caster
Aftermath Caster
Antarah Caster