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Due to his manner and his prowess in the game, IdrA has been subject to a series of rivalries in the StarCraft 2 community.



The history of IdrA and HuK's rivalry is perhaps the longest on the StarCraft 2 scene to date. In summer 2010 IdrA was already a well-established name because of his background as a StarCraft: Brood War progamer, while HuK was building his reputation playing on the North American ladder and participating in online tournaments. At the time he was mostly known for relying heavily on all-ins and cheese to succeed, which led to IdrA's criticism. After his victory at MLG Raleigh 2010 brought him more fame, the exchanges intensified. This led to a lot of anticipation for their meeting at MLG D.C. 2010, where IdrA won the Winners Bracket final 2-0 in a dominating fashion to knock HuK out to the Losers Bracket. In it, HuK famously lost to SeleCT after making a Mothership, which was widely regarded as throwing the game away. A few hours after the finals djWHEAT organized a special live show, which featured, amongst other progamers, IdrA. In his typical manner, he described the decision as "retarded" and gave his opinion of HuK being a player that tries to win fans by gimmicky play.

Later in 2010 they met again after HuK won the EG Masters' Cup Series 3 and thus qualified to play against the tournament's "final boss", IdrA. IdrA dominated once again, winning 3-1, and even attacking with his drones and attempting to build hatcheries in HuK's main during the final game [1]. Soon after that HuK moved to Korea and started playing on the Korean ladder, where he often played against IdrA. During this period IdrA also started streaming his ladder practice games for the first time, so many of their encounters were observed by fans of both players. The games were often accompanied by a lot of trash-talk and cheesy play, particularly the - at the time very popular - Cannon Rush.

Their next notable meeting was MLG Dallas 2011. During the group stage, IdrA won the first game and appeared to be on the course to victory in the second, only to surrender without a fight when he saw a group of Void Rays that HuK had hallucinated. [2] During the final game of the series (which HuK would win) HuK taunted IdrA in the chat and IdrA was quick to respond. Both players were criticized for their behavior; HuK for breaching the gaming etiquette and the official rules and IdrA for using obscene language in return. The two met again in the tournament the next day and this time IdrA dominated, winning all three games of the extended series match to proceed with 4-2. In the post-game interview, he dissed HuK once more, saying that he was prepared for the all-in because HuK could not win against him in a "real game".

HuK's first major victory over IdrA took place when they met on the semi-finals for the HomeStory Cup III Winners Bracket, which guaranteed him a top 3 finish. Both players demonstrated friendly behavior prior to the matches, which discarded the claims that there was strong animosity between the two.

IdrA lost to HuK in the third round of the losers bracket in the North American Blizzard Invitational, and finished 4th in the tournament, and so missed out on a place at BlizzCon 2011.

August 16th, 2011 brought a strange twist to the rivalry as HuK was acquired by EG and was now to 'join forces' with IdrA. The two will even spend time living together with PuMa when IdrA travels to Korea in late 2011. [3]


IdrA has had bad blood with Zenio since his time in Korea. It started with flaming on the Korean Ladder. After a game in the GSL 2 open in the Round of 16 against IdrA, Zenio made a chopping motion with his hand as a ceremony, inciting controversy. They later met again in the NASL, with Zenio taking IdrA down 2-0, and then again in the playoffs. During their NASL playoff series with Zenio, IdrA left the first match without typing out. At the start of the second game Zenio asked IdrA "where was gg?", and IdrA responded with "earn it".

Zenio later stated in the NASL post-qualification interview that 'I don’t hate him, I just think he needs to change his attitude.'[4]



According to CrunCher, IdrA developed an animosity toward him because he would always cheese IdrA on the ladder [5]. Thus, their meeting in the TSL3 Round of 32 was an intense one. CrunCher took IdrA out 2-1, with IdrA infamously quitting both games without a gg. At the end of the final game, as CrunCher's units barreled into IdrA's base, CrunCher typed out a ":)" which has since been associated with him and given him notoriety. Since TSL3, the players have had several bad-blooded ladder matches. They met again in the ESEA Team League, where IdrA took victory 2-1 over CrunCher, typing "you can leave now" when about to win.[6]

At MLG Anaheim the two met in Pool B after CrunCher qualified through the Open Bracket. IdrA won the series comfortably with a 2-0 victory. Although both players refrained from trash talking, IdrA refused to shake CrunCher's hand before and after the games.[7][8][9]

Cruncher would announce his inactivity from compLexity's roster on October 3rd 2011.[10] The news created much amusement for fans of IdrA and detractors of CrunCher, as IdrA had stated that an "abusive player" such as Cruncher would fall off the scene in short time.[Citation needed] This divided reaction by the community would incite quite a level of controversy due to the amount of vitriol directed at the Complexity player.



Although IdrA and MC participated in the first four seasons of GSL before IdrA decided to move back to the US, their first official tournament meeting was at the semi-finals for the DreamHack 2011 Stockholm Invitational [11]. Less than a month after his second GSL championship, MC was considered not only the best Protoss but the best player in the world at the time, while IdrA was vocalizing his belief that Zerg players could not compete on even ground because of balance issues. Still, during the first game of the series IdrA played on par with MC and looked poised to win until one bad engagement led to his defeat. MC successfully defended IdrA's 6 Pool in the second game and went on to claim the whole tournament.

MC describes how IdrA will feel after their match by mimicking tears

In June, they met for the opening match of MLG Columbus 2011. Originally, IdrA was meant to play against Bomber, however MC's replacement of Bomber was announced a few days before the event. IdrA won 2-0, and went on to finish first in his pool. In a post-game interview, MC claimed that he lost because of jet lag and that he would win 4-0 against IdrA if they were to meet again later in the tournament. After MC's victory over ThorZaIN, he reiterated his intentions during his celebratory ceremony, which prompted IdrA to flip him off [12]. In the final day of the tournament IdrA and MC met each other in the loser's bracket semi-final. Unlike in the group stage, IdrA did not opt to play his usual macro style but went for two all-ins in what was widely regarded as a result of nerves. Combined with a successful Cannon Rush, IdrA fell behind in the series. In the final game he went back to his macro style and was ahead of MC for a long time before losing to some undetected Dark Templars and MC's powerful Blink micro.

Two weeks later they played each other at the RO16 for DreamHack Summer 2011. Neither of the players attempted to cheese, which produced an even series similar to the first set at MLG Columbus 2011; however, this time MC claimed a 2-0 win.

Although their onstage behaviour has lead to speculations about them disliking one another, both IdrA and MC have described the other as a "nice guy". In an interview at DreamHack Summer 2011, IdrA stated that although he does not particularly like the WWE-like ceremonies and the trash talk that is characteristic of MC, he is happy to play along [13].

Later IdrA and MC met again. First in MLG Orlando 2011 where IdrA lost 1-2. Eventually MC finished the tournament on second place while IdrA was 4th. Their next meeting was at 2011 MLG Providence where MC swept IdrA 2-0. Their final engagement to date was in Iron Squid where MC once again emerge victorious 2-0.

On summary MC won all their matches (but not sets) with the only "win" of IdrA being negated by extended series mechanism of MLG which ended as 4-2 Victory for MC (After Initial 2-0 for IdrA). The result is 6-0 (14-3) in MCs favor.

Table of MC vs IdrA to be filled, just an example, fake data etc
Date Event Map Result Notes
2012-03-18 Iron Squid Daybreak, Cloud Kingdom  MC 2 : 0  IdrA
2011-11-19 2011 MLG Providence Xel'Naga Caverns, Dual Sight  MC 2 : 0  IdrA
2011-10-16 2011 MLG Orlando Metalopolis, Dual Sight, Shakuras Plateau  MC 2 : 1  IdrA
2011-06-19 2011 DreamHack Summer Crevasse, Metalopolis  MC 2 : 0  IdrA
2011-06-05 2011 MLG Columbus Shakuras Plateau, Tal'Darim Altar, Typhon Peaks, ICCup Testbug  MC 4 : 0  IdrA Extended the match below
2011-06-03 2011 MLG Columbus Metalopolis, Xel'Naga Caverns  MC 0 : 2  IdrA
2011-04-12 2011 DreamHack Stockholm Metalopolis, Xel'Naga Caverns  MC 2 : 0  IdrA