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[e][h] JaBiTo
Player Information
Jose Paolo Javier
August 2, 1988 (1988-08-02) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
Strife, MrHobbs
Total Earnings:
Pulse Esports, Mineski (current)

Jose Paolo "JaBiTo" Javier is a Filipino Terran currently playing for Mineski.


JaBiTo has been playing SC2 since the start of the WoL Beta. Before playing SC2, he was a professional DotA player. He has tried different game genres, but he stated that he finds RTS games best suited for his competitive edge. JaBiTo has competed in many offline and online events, with regular podium finishes. JaBiTo has played for Pulse Esports in the past, before he returned once again to Mineski.

In Beta[edit]

JaBiTo first started playing during the Beta. He picked Zerg as his main race back then because he felt that it was the hardest race to play and also because it was the least used race.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

With the release of Wings of Liberty, JaBiTo started to establish himself as one of the top players within the Southeast Asian scene. It was also during this period wherein JaBiTo decided to switch races from Zerg to Terran.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS Southeast Asia Nationals[edit]

JaBiTo and EnDerr were able to qualify online for the World Championship Series: Southeast Asia Nationals. JaBiTo, after losing to EnDerr, defeated Cobo 2-0 before dropping out of the tournament and bagging the 3rd place medal.

Intel Extreme Masters[edit]

IEM Season VII Singapore[edit]

Starting off in the Open Bracket, JaBiTo was sent down to the Loser's Round by Ninja. However, he managed to make a comeback and defeat ZooM and River to qualify for the Group Stage. In the Group Stage, JaBiTo went 1:4, placing last and thus getting knocked out.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Adjusting well to the new expansion, JaBiTo performed impressively and was able to place high in the GMPGL SC2 Season 5 PH Rankings, behind his teammate EnDerr.

Southeast Asian Vengeance Cup[edit]

Vengeance Cup Finals[edit]

Placing second in the Vengeance Cup Philippine Qualifiers, JaBiTo was eligible to compete in the Vengeance Cup Finals. He was defeated by RedArchon 2-0, and by pRotonWira 2-0.


Date Event Result Prize
2013-09-01 Southeast Asian Vengeance Cup 2013: Philippine Qualifiers  JaBiTo 1 : 3  EnDerr 7,000 PHP
2013-04-15 wT Weekly #50  JaBiTo 2 : 0 Frustration 20 AUD
2012-07-29 World Championship Series: Southeast Asia Nationals  JaBiTo 0 : 2  EnDerr 300 USD

Casted Games[edit]


Mineski iCCup Open Final (31 December 2010)[edit]

Mineski iCCup Round of 4 (31 December 2010)[edit]

Mineski iCCup Round of 8 (31 December 2010)[edit]


Nation Friendly Showmatch SG vs PH (21 February 2011)[edit]

JaBiTo vs Exoblazer Best of 3 (03 April 2011)[edit]

JaBiTo vs Enderr Best of 9 (03 May 2011)[edit]

Cebu King of the Hill Challenge (15 July 2011)[edit]

SEA Nation Wars Season 2 (08 August 2011)[edit]

Best of 1 Games[edit]


IEM Singapore (23 November 2012)[edit]


Best of 1 Games[edit]