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[e][h] JazBas
Player Information
Sung Jun 'Thomas' Cho
Alternate IDs:
xGKingJazBas, nGenJazBas, NvJazBas
Total Earnings:
2011-08 – 2012-08
2012-08-16 – 2014-01-14

Thomas "JazBas" Cho is a retired [1] New Zealander StarCraft II player, formerly on the Australian team GAMECOM Nv.


JazBas is a New Zealand player living in Auckland and is of Korean heritage. Growing up with games like Brood War he quickly became one of the more notable players from New Zealand, and one of many New Zealand players of Korean heritage who formed the social SEA clan nGen. He is known for showing great improvement over a short time, playing himself up from Bronze league with well-rounded play and his own style.

In his personal life, he majors in jazz and plays the bass guitar (both upright and electric), leading to his ID JazBas, which is a contraction of Jazz Bass. Another piece of trivia is JazBas' part in SEA's own version of the “Artosis Pylon” - During a clan match between nGen and Terror Australis, JazBas flew 30+ mutalisks into a bunch of marines in a game against Rossi. This lead to the phrase "JazBas’ing mutalisks" or "magic boxing marines" whenever mutalisks fly into marines.

Wings Of Liberty[edit]

Despite a Brood War background, JazBas started off in Bronze league but was one of the founding players in nGen. While in this clan his skill increased dramatically and he became a feature in many SEA online tournaments and offline events in New Zealand.

JazBas was one of the players from SEA to qualify for the BlizzCon 2011 tournament. He lost to Sen in the first round, 1-2, and then managed to beat MajOr in his first match of the lower bracket. JazBas would then be taken out in the following match by TooDming, 0-2.

In August 2011, Jazbas was announced as one of the founding members of Xeria Gaming, a Professional Gaming Team based in Australia/ New Zealand

On November 16, 2011, JazBas joined Team inFinity, a social team/clan, after his previous clan "New Generations" disbanded.[2]

On August 16, 2012, JazBas left Xeria Gaming and joined GAMECOM Nv.

World Championship Series[edit]

2012 WCS New Zealand Nationals[edit]

On the 2nd of June 2012, JazBas won WCS New Zealand after overcoming SiN, Kowi, KnighT, and then KnighT again in the finals with a score of 2-1. He competed in WCS Oceania, where he was less successful. He lost 0-2 to PiG and managed to defeat KnighT 2-0 in the loser's bracket before falling to tgun 1-2.


  • Lives in Auckland, New Zealand, but has lived some of his life in Korea.
  • Majors in jazz.
  • Plays the bass guitar.
  • His ID comes from the first three letters each of the words Jazz and Bass.
  • Has phrases coined after him, "JazBas'ing mutalisks" or "magic boxing marines" after losing mutalisks to marines in a streamed match.


Tournaments: Heart of the Swarm[edit]

Event Result
ACL Melbourne Open Bracket #1 JazBas 3 : 0  Pokerface
NZ Company of Gamers Championship series Offline event #1 JazBas 3 : 2  Petraeus
NZ Company of Gamers MSi Playtech Tournament #2 JazBas 0 : 2  Petraeus
SEANA Trials #1 JazBas 2 : 1  mOOnGLaDe
ACL Brisbane Open Bracket #1 equal JazBas 0 : 0  Rossi

Tournaments: Wings of Liberty[edit]

Event Result
Barcraft NZ Season 1 Final #1  JazBas 4 : 1  Petraeus
6th City Hunter's Starcraft II Tournament #1  JazBas 2 : 1  Mafia
SC2SEA Community Open #52  JazBas ? : ?  MaFia
eSportsNZ Auckland LAN #2  JazBas 4 : 0  TheGoonSquad
NZ Cup Season 1  JazBas 5 : 2  Another
SEA Masters Cup 14  JazBas 1 : 0  MaFia
NZ Cup Season 2  JazBas 4 : 0  Rs
City Hunter Kingston Comp #6  JazBas 2 : 1  Mafia
World Championship Series: New Zealand Nationals  JazBas 2 : 1  KnighT
nRv Invitational  JazBas 0 : 2  PiG
Event Result
Masters Cup #10  JazBas 1 : 3  YoonYJ
Dox Cup 2  JazBas 0 : 2  Grubby
Mid City SC II 1v1 Competition #3  JazBas 3 : 2  Deth
eSportsNZ Auckland LAN #1  JazBas 4 : 0  fresco
SEA/ANZ Battle.net Invitational  JazBas 1 : 2  mOOnGLaDe
Dox Cup #1  JazBas 1 : 2  Iaguz
MCC LAN Tournament  JazBas
iPlay LAN Tournament #2  JazBas
SEA Star League #1  JazBas 0 : 3  EdgE
Terror Australis Invitational  JazBas 0 : 2  nirvAnA
SC2SEA Community Open #23  JazBas ? : ?  EdgE
SC2SEA Community Open #18  JazBas ? : ?  Revenant
Yoz's Open #12  JazBas ? : ?  Voices
Gview Thailand Starcraft II Invitational : Qualifiers  JazBas 0 : 2  EdgE

Career Winnings[edit]

SEA/ANZ Battle.net Invitational $3000
WCS New Zealand $2000
Blizzcon 2011 $1000
WCS Oceania $600
Barcraft NZ Season 1 Final $500
6th City Hunter's Starcraft II Tournament $400
Mid City SC II 1v1 Competition #3 $350
Dox Cup #2 $250
NZ Company of Gamers Championship series Offline event $175
NZ Company of Gamers MSi Playtech Tournament Hardware
ACL Melbourne $125
eSportsNZ LAN #1 $125
eSportsNZ LAN #2 $125
ACL Brisbane $100
ACL Melbourne Open Bracket $50
SEANA Trials #1 $50
ACL Brisbane Open Bracket $50
Dox Cup #1 $50
Total $8950



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