Karax (commander)

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The optimization of weapons, armor, and ships is a phase-smith's highest calling, and Karax is one of the most precise engineers in the whole of the Khalai. He rose above his station in the protoss' worker caste to become a crucial asset Artanis's war against Amon, earning the title of templar and causing Artanis to declare the end to the age of castes. As the Phase-smith responsible for restoring the Spear of Adun's systems Karax is intimately familiar with the Arkship's suite of destructive weaponry. During his time with Artanis, Karax also recovered some of the Purifier-based weapon systems which you'll find in his Co-op Mission arsenal.

Units and Structures[edit]


  1. Orbital Assault
  2. Chrono Field
  3. New unit: Khaydarin Monolith
  4. Twilight Council Upgrade Cache
  5. Chrono Overload
  6. Forge Upgrades
  7. Reconstruction Beam
  8. Solar Forge Upgrade Cache 1
  9. Robotics Bay Upgrade Cache
  10. Khalai Ingenuity
  11. Solar Forge Upgrade Cache 2
  12. Purifier Protocol
  13. Fleet Beacon Upgrade Cache
  14. Unity Barrier

General Strategy[edit]