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[e][h] LegalMind
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Kim Kyung Soo
September 14, 1988 (1988-09-14) (age 29)
Alternate IDs:
SlayerS`LegalMind, LegalMindZenith, ClashLegal
Total Earnings:

Kim "LegalMind" Kyung Soo is a retired Protoss player who was on Team Clash at the time of his retirement.[1]


LegalMind was once a member of the Korean clan Zenith, and he was part of the initial roster that merged with the NEX clan to form the professional gaming team ZeNEX in October 2010.[2]

Wings of Liberty[edit]

LegalMind's most successful GSL tournament was 2010 TG Sambo Intel Starcraft II Open Season 1, where he defeated Junwi 2-0 in the Round of 64, and then defeated Tankboy 2-1 in the Round of 32, before losing to MakaPrime 0-2 in the Round of 16.

LegalMind also qualified for 2010 Sony Ericsson Starcraft II Open Season 2, but lost to Leenock 0-2 in the Round of 64.

He performed well enough in these GSL Open Seasons to qualify for Code S.

Code S[edit]

In the 2011 GSL January Code S tournament, LegalMind defeated ZeNEXLiveForever, but lost to MarineKingPrime.WE twice and was eliminated from his Round of 32 group, putting him into the Up and Down matches. There, he lost to both TOP and San, placing him into Code A for the next season.

Code A[edit]

In the next season, LegalMind was defeated by LosirA in the first round, making him the first former Code S player to fall out of Code A.

Super Tournament[edit]

LegalMind qualified for the 2011 GSL Super Tournament, where he lost to ByuN 1-2 in the Round of 64 in a very short series where every game was won by a player doing a 1-base rush strategy.


WoL Matches[edit]



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