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[e][h] Legend
Player Information
Romanized Name:
Yi Seon Jeong
Alternate IDs:
2014-01-08 - 2016-01-28
2016-01-28 - Present

Yi "Legend" Seon Jeong is a Terran player from South Korea, who is now the Head Coach of Afreeca Freecs. He is mostly known for having been the observer for GOMeXP's international stream.


Legend is acclaimed as one of the best observers in StarCraft II tournament production, having become well-known for being the observer for GOMeXP's international stream. During his placement as an observer, he did not compete on a professional basis, although he did attempt to qualify to the GSL in September 2011. His last production as an observer was the IEM Season IX - Taipei in January 2015.[1] In November 2013, Legend announced plans to establish his own team, called Team Epic. Team Epic would be a member of the e-Sports Federation and the goal was to compete in the GSTL, with Legend himself acting as owner and playing-coach.[2] Unfortunately, with the apparent demise of the GSTL, the plans to establish the team fell apart, and on the 8th of January 2014, Legend announced that he had joined back with StarTale as a player.[3] He later became StarTale's coach, taking AcE's place ahead of StarTale's entry in the 2015 Proleague.

GSL Off the Record[edit]

Legend is also known in the foreign community for two appearances on GSL Off the Record that involved matches in the GOMTV booth with StarTale guests. First, ahead of Bomber's appearance in Episode 12, he challenged Bomber to a hair match where he would shave his head if he lost - and Bomber not only accepted but also agreed to have his own head shaved if Legend won.[4]

In spite of Legend holding up a sign behind Bomber's head reading "Bubble Terran" while Bomber was being interviewed, sticking photos of Jesus and Buddha on his booth and also ripping a photo of Bomber and making a throat-slashing gesture, once the match started on Antiga Shipyard, he was no match for Bomber - who went so far as to scan Legend and drop a Mule in one of Legend's bases before landing the decisive blow. Bomber then took the liberty of shaving Legend himself with an electric razor - or at least trying, as he was only partially successful and gave Legend what Artosis termed a "reverse Mohawk" - a bald strip down the center of the front (Legend later shaved the rest at a local barbershop.)[5]

He returned in the second-to-last episode with very short hair when AcE was the guest, this time with much better results. Not only did he get a short interview with Artosis and Wolf, but he got a chance at redemption - a 2v2 against AcE where he would have the advantage of a higher-ranked teammate than AcE's. When Legend won, he got to not only make AcE wear a wig and makeup but also added some touches of his own using a marker.



  • Remarked after losing the hair match against Bomber and being partially shaved that he would be watching pornography for 24 hours straight. Junkka explained that it references a Korean myth that watching porn makes one's hair grow back.