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Liquibition started on Brood War in 2002 as a result of Rekrul's desire to bring together the then young Teamliquid site together with show matches between top foreigner players or sometimes Korean players. Liquibition returned in StarCraft II with the inaugural competition being a Best of 7 between Ret and iNfeRnaL

Liquibition #1 featured two European Brood War players,  Ret and  iNfeRnaL playing a best of 7 across the beta maps. Promising to deliver the top quality Pro-Matches seen in the Brood War Liquibition show matches, this Team Liquid staple will be carrying over into StarCraft II. The matches were broadcast live at at 2pm EST/8pm CET on the 13th of March, 2010. The caster for SC2's debut Liquibition was Sean "Day[9]" Plott.


The 7 maps being used are:


iNfeRnaL vs. ret
0 Blistering Sands 1
0 Lost Temple 2
1 Kulas Ravine 2
2 Scrap Station 2
2 Steppes of War 3
2 Desert Oasis 4
ret wins 4-2

Game 1[edit]

Game 1: iNfeRnaL's force fields hold off ret's attacking Roach force.

Opening up on Blistering Sands, Ret spawned at the 8 o'clock and iNfeRnaL spawned at the 2. Ret opened with a 15 Pool Fast Expand while iNfeRnaL opted for a 12 Gateway opening. With no early aggression from either player, iNfeRnaL blocked with your opponent's ramp with Zealots and built a Forge on 21 with the aim to go for early Boosted 1-1 ground upgrades and also build a Cybernetics Core and began Warpgate research. Ret got a second Queen for his expansion, begun building a Roach Warren while teching to Lair while scouting the map with lings. Both players continued to macro with iNfeRnaL building additional Gateways and producing Stalkers while ret began his Roach production, built a Hydralisk Den and got the Zergling Speed upgrade. iNfeRnaL built a Dark Shrine, then at 9 minutes in-game time he pushed his small force of 1-1 Stalkers, Zealots and Sentries toward ret's base while using the time to expand to his natural. iNfeRnaL waiting for Dark Templar to arrive noting ret's lack of detection. However, the masses of Roaches deflected the Protoss attack and ret simply morphed an Overseer and took out the DTs. After waiting for his Missile Attacks upgrade to near completion, ret counterpushed with a large force of Roaches. As he got to iNfeRnaL's natural, iNfeRnaL had put down one Cannon, which was not enough to hold of the Roaches. However, iNfeRnaL placed two excellent Force Fields to block off the Roaches and funnel them through for your opponent's Stalkers to safely attack. iNfeRnaL managed to deflect the attack. Despite this strong defence, ret overwhelmed iNfeRnaL with a large reinforcement of Roaches and took the game.

Game 2[edit]

Ret spawned at the 12 o'clock on Lost Temple, while iNfeRnaL spawned at the nearby 2 o'clock and was scouted by ret's initial Overlord. INfeRnaL opened with a double gate on 14, while ret chose same 15 pool expand opening. INfeRnaL attempted to scout ret, but two lings denied the scout and ret put down a Roach Warren. INfeRnaL prepared for an early expand after he got two Zealots out. He attempted to harass ret, but the Zealots were easily taken out by lings. ret then put pressured on the Protoss expansion with small Roach and Zergling forces, taking out an early cannon. As the game progressed, iNfeRnaL had 4 cannons at his natural, preventing a majority of harassment and teched to Stalkers, got a Robotics Facility and started upgrading his +1 ground weapons. Meanwhile, ret teched to Lair for Corruptors and improved upgrades, while taking the Rich Mineral expansion and building a Spire. INfeRnaL pushed out when he got his second Colossus and expanded to his Rich Mineral expansion at the same time. The Protoss force was forced to retreat after being overwhelmed by the 1-2 Roaches and risking losing the Colossi to the Corruptors. After some fierce combat, ret used his advantage and took out the Rich Mineral expansion and the new 3rd Expansion at the 6 o' clock. INfeRnaL using his remaining units to attack the Roaches in a desperate attempt to hold them off, but after losing his whole army, gg'd to make it 2-0 to ret.

Game 3[edit]

Ret spawned in at 2 o’clock and opted for a 15 Gate/16 Expand while at the 4 o'clock, iNfeRnaL opted for another double gate on 14. While ret opted to go for a Roach Warren, iNfeRnaL drew ret's attention with two Zealots while running another pair around to harass the expansion and the main base. Ret responded by running his Zerglings into iNfeRnaL's main but both players defended the harassment easily. In the meantime, iNfeRnaL expanded to his natural, began to mass Zealots and Immortals, while ret tried to sneak a Rich Mineral expansion at the 9 o'clock. While ret prepared for a Mutalisk transition with a mass drop just as iNfeRnaL pushed out with an army of Immortals, Zealots, Sentries and Stalkers. Using Guardian Shield, the Army was easily protected against the small Muta force and the Sentries took out the Muta while the Immortals destroyed the Roaches and the Zerg Natural. Ret gg'd to bring it to a 2-1 score.

Game 4[edit]

Game 5[edit]

Game 6[edit]

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