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[e][h]OSC Team Championship
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Format and Rules[edit]

  • General
    • By launching this competition, it is the intent of the OSC League to provide a medium for teams to compete with one another, in parallel with our $200,000+ Player Championship.
    • This Team Championship will use player performance in existent OSC Partnered events to provide additional incentives to players, teams, events and sponsors, as well as creating a more involved storyline for the viewer/fans.
    • Now, as a player progresses through an OSC partnered tournament for personal financial gain, improved position in the World Rankings, and the chance at qualifying for the Player Championship at the end of the year, they also accumulate points for their organisation in the Team Rankings!
    • Teams/Clans earn points for each player who plays in a OSC Partnered Tournament (0.25 Points per player, per tournament). Additionally, bonus points are awarded at the end of the month for each players ranking postition, from 1st-200th (1-8th 8, 9-20th 7, 21-32nd 6, 33-50th 5, 51- 75th 4, 76-100th 3, 101-150th 2, 151-200th 1)
    • Monthly points are tallied from April-Nov, after which season ranking $ rewards will be locked, and the top 12 teams will be invited to our Championship Playoffs!
    • Players can only play for one team/clan at a time. If on both a team and a clan, points default to the team
    • For the purpose of this Championship, we define a team as an established esports organisation (either multi division or sc2 specific), which has sponsors, and supports players with salary, $ incentives, travel support, marketing, or uniforms/gear. Players on the squad can range from professional, semi-pro to ameteur.
    • For the purpose of this Championship, we define a clan as a social group, made up of players of various skill levels, who lack sponsor support, and do not offer salary,$ incentives, travel support, marketing, or uniforms/gear to anyone within the clan. The clan cannot be attached to a team in any capacity.
    • No mercenary teams of teamless players or partnerships between teams/clans allowed
    • Academies, Extended Squads, and Community Divisions or other similar programs, will all be counted as part of one unified team for rankings purposes
    • Teams can add teamless or players from clans to their lists at any time. However If a player leaves between the 1st + 15th of the month, the team they are leaving won’t gain any points from them for that month. If they leave between the 16th-31st, the team can claim the remainder of the month's results, and if the player joins a new team, results can be counted from the beginning of the following month, or at any point within a following month.
    • SC2Online/OSC reserves the right to update or change/edit the Team Championships format, prizepool distribution, rankings formula, or duration at any time throughout it's run in order to improve the design or access to competitors, teams, or larger community.
  • Season placement/ranking prizes
    • Open to Teams (refer to definitions) from any region, who have paid the $25 entry/admin fee.
  • Highest Placed Clan
    • Open to all clans (refer to definitions) from any region, regardless if have paid the $25 entry/admin fee. Must have squad registered by the end of June. Not open to Teams.
    • Designed to recognize + reward highest group of casual/non supported SC2 Players
  • End of year Championship Playoffs + Trophy
    • Open to both Teams + any Clans who have paid the $25 entry/admin fee.
    • Top 4 teams start in upper bracket (1v4, 2v3), bottom 8 start in lower bracket
    • Team v Team action! +Any clans good enough to qualify.
  • Top 4 Clans Playoffs/Finals (if stretch goal reached)
    • Open to all clans, regardless if have paid the $25 entry/admin fee. Not open to Teams.
    • Top 2 teams start in upper bracket (1v2), bottom 2 start in lower bracket (3v4)
Challenge Matches
  • Teams can challenge other teams to showmatches, betting some of their points! Which teams are willing to back themselves/risk/gamble for greater glory and the chance at more $'s and better finals seeding!?!?

(We expect these are more likely to occur later in the season.) Teams can only bet 25% of their season total per challenge match. The Challenge Match total will be determined by the lower ranked of the two teams, eg one team with 100 points, the other with 80, it's a max of 25% of 80 (20 each)
To encourage Challenge Matches a bonus 10% of the lower ranked teams season total (eg 8) will be awarded to the winner! +28 in this example, -20 to rival team. Should a team not show up to/forfeit an approved Challenge Match, they will be penalized 30% of their monthly points total. Matches must be approved by OSC Management.

  • Challenge Format + Finals/Playoff Format: 2 Stages, played live + back to back. Predicted time of 2-3 hours.
    1. Bo9 All Kill

+0.5 Points per game.
2.Into Proleague 4x preset 1v1's: First team to 3 wins Set 1 - 1 Point Set 2 - 1 Point Set 3 - 1 Point Set 4 - 1.5 Point (If needed)

Prize Pool[edit]



Highest Placed Clan[edit]

Participating Teams[edit]

Top 12 Eligible Teams/Clans for Playoffs
1F Pro Gaming Rival Gaming BearMe PSISTORM Gaming
OSC Elite Sloth E-Sports Club SYF GAMING Redbloods
DuSt Gaming Exeed Esports Team expert Dead Pixels








1F Pro Gaming
Rival Gaming
Winners' Finals
Losers' Round 1
DuSt Gaming
Dead Pixels
Team expert
Exeed Esports
Losers' Round 2
SYF Gaming
Losers' Round 3
OSC Elite
Sloth E-Sports Club
Losers' Round 4
Losers' Round 5
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals

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