Personal Sponsorship

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Personal sponsorship or solo sponsorship is a means by which a player gets support directly from a sponsor, rather than relying on the prevalent team mentality.

2GD has described this form of sponsorship as better than team-based sponsorship for StarCraft II because:

  • Most tournaments being solo tournaments.
  • An investor who is based in a country, say Germany, may want to sponsor a German player. But this German player may be on an international team. The company doesn't want to sponsor the whole team because that is out with their quota and would be redundant to players outwith Germany. So the personal sponsorship would allow sponsors to fund players without having to fund an entire team.
  • Agencies could be developed which have many players in them and they could have connections to sponsors and allow them to sponsor one (or more) players

On one hand, a personal sponsorship allows companies to invest directly into the player they want, rather than having their investment passed down through the ranks of team staff and other game divisions and players, yet teams are more likely to be able to represent a sponsor's interests and needs.

For some sponsors, however, after a period of success from sponsoring only one player, they expand into creating a formal team.

Some players retain a personal sponsorship while being on a team.

Personally Sponsored Players[edit]

ID Name Sponsors Current Team
ukUnited Kingdom r Apollo Shaun Clark XMG
usUSA p Artosis Dan Stemkoski Tt eSports
krSouth Korea t Bomber Choi Ji Sung Red Bull Afreeca Freecs
caCanada p desRow Marc-Olivier Proulx ASUS ROG nocturnal Gamers
usUSA t flo Florence Chee-Yun Yao Need for Seat
nlNetherlands p Grubby Manuel Schenkhuizen TwitchTV
Sony Mobile US
Team Grubby
seSweden z MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander XMG Millenium
caCanada t MaSa Maru Kim Team eLevate
frFrance z MoMaN Emmanuel Marquez ASUS ROG Team
usUSA p Neeb Alex Sunderhaft Ting
plPoland z Nerchio Arthur Bloch Red Bull EURONICS Gaming
twTaiwan z Sen Yang Chia Cheng Hong Kong Attitude
frFrance z Stephano Ilyes Satouri Meltdown
krSouth Korea z viOLet Kim Dong Hwan Team EnVyUs
fiFinland p Welmu Vesa Hovinen Ence eSports
uaUkraine p White-Ra Aleksey Krupnyk Tt eSports

Expanded Personal Sponsorships[edit]

These players had once received personal sponsorships, but the sponsor later created an entirely new team including the personally sponsored player (usually calling new members part of their StarCraft II division).

ID Name Sponsor / New Team
krSouth Korea z viOLet Kim Dong Hwan AZUBU
krSouth Korea p CranK Choi Jae Won Cynical Brit / Axiom
atAustria p monchi Philipp Simon XMG
deGermany z XlorD Daniel Spenst XMG
uaUkraine z DIMAGA Dmytro Filipchuk Team ROCCAT
krSouth Korea t Polt Choi Seong Hoon CM Storm

Formerly Personally Sponsored Players[edit]

ID Name Sponsors New Team
usUSA p Minigun Chad Richard Jones Planetside 2 ROOT Gaming
caCanada p MaximusBlack Jeffrey Johnston Ozone Gaming
krSouth Korea t SeleCT Ryoo Kyung Hyun Ownaj Team Dignitas
krSouth Korea z Golden Jo Myeong Hwan Clarity Gaming
Alien Invasion
krSouth Korea t GuMiho Koh Byung Jae Invasion eSport MVP
cnChina p DreAm Zhu Shijie AnSwer Gaming
cnChina z TooDming Huang Huiming AnSwer Gaming Long Chen
krSouth Korea t BoxeR Lim Yo Hwan Razer SlayerS
deGermany z Mondragon Christoph Semke Razer Team Acer
twTaiwan p Pikachu Linda Liao Pei Ling Razer
seSweden t Jinro Jonathan Walsh Razer Team Liquid
usUSA p Tyler Tyler Wasieleski Stride Gum Team Liquid
fiFinland p elfi Samuli Sihvonen ASUS ROG
Ence eSports
usUSA z daisuki Peter Yoo Nitrix Energy
auAustralia z PiG Jared Krensel Tt eSports Team Exile5
ptPortugal z sYz Diogo Barbosa Ozone Gaming k1ck eSports Club
usUSA t theognis Michael McClelland WideToZoom ZZZZZ Retired
seSweden p NaNiwa Johan Lucchesi Mionix Alliance
usUSA t Illusion Chris Lee Razer ROOT Gaming
zaSouth Africa p PandaTank Robert Botha CM Storm ZZZZZ Retired
esSpain z AlaStOr Enrique Macias CM Storm Team Spectre
usUSA p State Ryan Visbeck Game Front Prime
usUSA z IdrA Greg Fields Tt eSports ZZZZZ Retired
uaUkraine z HappyZerg Sviatoslav Vlasiuk ESFXtv
krSouth Korea t Polt Choi Seong Hoon CM Storm
NOS Energy Drink