Rax CC, 1/1/1 (vs. Zerg)

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[e][h] 1 Rax FE > Hellion/Banshee Opening
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Harassment, Mass Expand,
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A micro-intensive strategy to focus on heavy production from Factory (1) and Starport (1) to build Hellions, as needed, and Banshees, constantly. This creates a build that can transition into either Bionic or Mech, but gives Terran time to keep building Command Centers to float to near-by bases, risky ones being a MULE-farm and naturals being more for moving your units towards an offensive position.


Opening with Hellion-Banshee does many important thing, forces Spine Crawlers, Spore Crawlers and may be a Tech-switch to Roaches or Mutalisks. But, more importantly, buys time for Terran to get double Mechanical or Biological upgrades going without fear of a Hatchery-based all-in, just simply killing Terran.

Basic Build Order[edit]

"Korean FE > 1/1/1"



  • Make sure the opponent is not one-basing by having an SCV ready to block it.
    • If Zerg is one basing, produce Marauders, Hellions and Bunkers, in a worst case you may need to retreat to the high ground.
  • The first Banshee will arrive before a Spire can complete on two bases, but after a Roach-pressure/all-in hits.
    • So scouting an early Roach Warren (before Queens is an all-in), will need a wall-off at the Natural, usually with Barracks and Engineering Bays, whether you intend to use them or not, to buy time for Banshees, and Marauders if you wish.


  • Hellion Run-Bys into the opponent's main are the most intimidating thing you can do to Zerg, and then attack the natural with the reinforcements will make Queens very over spread for more effective Banshee harass.
  • You want to force as many Spore Crawlers and Spine Crawlers as possible, so if the Banshees cannot attack mineral lines, attack buildings or a wall-off instead, and keep Hellions attacking Queens to force more of those as well.


  • Taking a fast third for Zerg will mean you have that much more for your Hellions and Banshees to attack, it is not uncommon for Terran's to make Command Center (4) early as well in this one case.
  • Bionic attacks are faster to reinforce and give you a stronger reinforcement conga-line, but will die a lot to Infestors and Banelings making TvZ a war of the death-march, it is recommended for closer-positions on to threaten fast expanding Zergs.
  • Mech makes a stronger push over all, and has much more stopping power, after 2-2 Upgrades, but it is more likely that Zerg will get an idea unit composition.


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