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Sponsor Information
Full Name:
Razer USA Ltd.
Gaming Hardware, Software, and Systems Manufacturer
Carlsbad, California
USA United States

Razer is a privately held hardware, software and systems manufacturer specializing in products specifically marketed to gamers. The Razer brand is currently being marketed under Razer USA Ltd.

Alongside their HQ in Carlsbad, California and Razer's Asia-Pacific HQ in Singapore, Razer also has offices in Austin, San Francisco, Taiwan, Hamburg, Seoul, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Razer's main slogan is: 'For Gamers. By Gamers' - and they live it. The company is showing great effort by backing up players, teams and tournaments at several games all around the globe. Regarding StarCraft II their great support for events like the Razer King of the Beta, DreamHack Winter 2011 and TeamLiquid StarLeague 4 has been a huge factor. More tournaments, teams and players sponsored by Razer are listed below.

Currently Drew Holt-Kentwell works for Razer in the position as Global eSports Associate Manager in Singapore. Beside him at least seven employees are working exclusively for the company's eSports relevant aspects. Not being a giant enterprise, this quantizes their huge commitment to the scene.

Direct Involvement[edit]

Team Razer[edit]

Team Razer isn't a team in a classical way. It is an elite group of gamers worldwide, who compete professionally in popular gaming titles. The team was conceived as a place to harbor and nurture some of the world's most astounding gaming talent and, in turn, the players take an active role in helping Razer create their gaming peripherals.

You will find the complete list of the 36 teams sponsored at the website of Team Razer. Additionally you can apply for a sponsorship there.

Teams sponsored[edit]

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Players directly sponsored[edit]

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Premier Events[edit]

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