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Player Information
Tim Frazier
April 6
Alternate IDs:
Robin, Robin_Wonders, Robintivo

Tim "Robin" Frazier is a StarCraft II semi-pro caster/commentator from the United States.


Robin is a StarCraft II caster, former competitive Halo player, host and caster for the Playhem Daily at, and has worked, on multiple occasions, as a community guest caster for the MLG Beta streams which debuted at the MLG Orlando Pro Circuit competition in 2011, and continued for the MLG Grand Finals in Providence. Robin's casting career commenced with the release of StarCraft II Wings of Liberty.

Casting History, Wings of Liberty[edit]

Having casually casted a few tournaments in the past, Robin began his quest to “become a better caster” with the intent to improve steadily, and attain his goal to cast at the professional level. Being a strong believer in community interaction and feedback, he released a video invitation to the public on September 12, 2011, where he introduced his stream at, and announced that he would be streaming for several hours per day over the next month, while playing StarCraft II Wings of Liberty, and taking chat suggestions on how to improve his own play, in order to gain a more in-depth knowledge of the game. This was the first step toward his goal.

After much hard work, dedication, and practice, he was accepted to join and has been continually working with them to host the Playhem Daily Tournaments, which run, as the name suggests, daily. This experience has only led to further improvement, and has not gone unnoticed.

Having an ever-growing passion for StarCraft II, and loads of practice with both playing and casting under his belt, Robin now had the intent to compete in the MLG Orlando Pro Circuit of 2011, but was afforded the opportunity to cast for the full weekend as a guest community caster on the newly launched Beta streams. During and after the event, he received a lot of feedback and criticism from the online communities, and viewed it as an opportunity to further improve his casting and speech. By the time the Grand Finals in Providence, RI rolled around, Robin welcomed the invitation to return to solo-cast on the Beta streams once again, this time making a special appearance on the main stage next to MrBitter to cast a best of three between Bomber and PuMa on the Blue stream.

Beginning 2012, Robin appeared to cast the MLG South Korean Online Qualifiers, 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Winter/Arena, and 2012 MLG Pro Circuit/Winter/Championship.

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