SEA Rising Star

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SEA Rising Star is a bimonthly SEA only tournament, organized by the OSC team and Team Exile 5.

The aim of this tournament is to showcase and support the up and coming players in the SEA region. 2/3 will be $250+ invitationals, and 1/3 will be a $350+ Open Challenge edition.

[e][h]SEA Rising Star Tournament Series
League Information
Game Version:
Southeast Asia
1v1 Double-elimination
Prize pool:
Opens: $350
Invitationals: $250


SEA Rising Star is designed to be a breakout tournament. As a result, players who have qualified for WCS, placed top 3 at an ACL Championship, or won a Masters Cup are not able to participate in the SEA Rising Star series.

Tournament Information[edit]


  • All results must be PMed to DevianT in-game.
  • Players who are 15 or more minutes late will be disqualified, if a replacement cannot be found, their opponent will be given an automatic win.
  • If any player disconnects occur the match is to be resumed via replay. If a player drops twice on the same game, (G1, G2, etc), it is their opponents right to take the map win, If both players don't agree to resume the map again.
  • Any disputes will be handled by the Admins after reviewing all associated replays.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour will result in a disqualification.
  • Players must have their own account, playing on a friends is not allowed
  • Race switching is not allowed

Referees: DevianT


  • For Best of 3 Series, both players take turns to veto 2 maps from the map pool, so there is 3 left, then they each select the map they most want if they lose, and start with the remaining map.
  • For Best of 1 Series, both players take turns veto maps from the map pool, and play the remaining one.

Prize Pool[edit]

Open Challenge[edit]

$350 USD is spread among the players:

Place Prize (USD) OSC Points
1st $200 +150
2nd $60 +90
3rd $30 +60
4th $20 +40
5 - 6th $10 +25
7 - 8th $10 +15
9 - 12th - +10
13 - 16th - +5
17 - 24th - +2.5


$250 USD is spread among the players:

Place Prize (USD)
1st $120
2nd $60
3rd $30
4th $20
5 - 6th $10


Event First Second Third
Open #1 Australia  Ninja Australia  RivaL Singapore  Lobo
Invitational #1 Singapore  Blysk New Zealand  MightyKiwi Australia  Petrify
Invitational #2 Australia  RivaL Australia  Alopex Australia  FIGHTO