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SHOUTcraft is a series of events conceived, organized and run by the Bain couple, Genna (a.k.a "Intricacy") and John (a.k.a "TotalBiscuit").

The initial goal behind these events, at the time of the SHOUTcraft Invitational series' inception, was twofold: To provide quality entertainment for the SC2 spectator community, and to create a competition whose format is both convenient and lucrative for the participating players. The advent of the SHOUTcraft Regional Tournament series also added the goal of encouraging and growing local/regional StarCraft II competition.


Early in 2011, John “Totalbiscuit” Bain started daily ladder livestreams with three goals. The first was to improve his game and learn more about it, while putting himself out in front of thousands to critique his play. The second, was to encourage those lower-level players with “stagefright”, who were unwilling to ladder, to take the plunge and get started on the road to success. The third and perhaps most important, was to create a way to directly give back to the players that entertain us every week in various events and help push the scene forward. Thus the SHOUTcraft Invitational Series was conceived.[1]


Regional Tournaments[edit]

Event Date Prize Pool / Thread VODs Replays
America 2013-05-05 $10,000 Canada  Kane USA  State USA  Goswser, USA  Minigun Link Link
America Winter 2013-12-08 $5,000 Canada  HuK Canada  MaSa Canada  Kane, USA  Hitman Link Link Link


Event Date Prize Pool / Thread VODs Replays
SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational II 2015-11-13 $20,000 South Korea  Solar South Korea  TY South Korea  ByuN Link
SanDisk SHOUTcraft Invitational 2014-06-05 $10,000 South Korea  herO South Korea  Flash South Korea  Zest Link Link
House of the Swarm 2012-12-16 $1,000 South Korea  Ryung South Korea  CranK South Korea  Heart, South Korea  MMA Link Link Link
Colin Smith 2012-01-15 $5,000 France  Stephano Sweden  ThorZaIN Netherlands  Ret Link Link
Catchy Title 2011-09-11 $5,000 Germany  Socke Canada  dde Ukraine  White-Ra Link Link Link
Electric Banelinggoo 2011-07-23 $2,600 Germany  Socke Canada  dde USA  Sheth Link Link Link
1-day Invitational 2011-06-12 $1,500 Poland  Nerchio Sweden  MorroW Poland  MaNa Link Link Link

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