Saulo Silva Teamleague Season 1

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[e][h]Saulo Silva Teamleague Season 1
League Information
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Southeast Asia
Proleague style Round Robin into All-kill playoffs
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of Teams:


The Saulo Silva Team League is a team league run by x5.Namakaye and Swarmstika and sponsored by Saulo Silva and community donations. This team league aims to fill a void left in the SEA scene as well as provide SEA's top teams with the chance to battle head-to-head and prove their strength. Saulo is the title sponsor of the event and continues to show strong ties to the SEA scene, despite his distance from the fact, and a pure passion for good StarCraft. The ability to name the team league was given to the highest donator, who named it after our title sponsor.


The 4 teams will battle it out in 2 round robins, each match of the round robins being played in Proleague style, with each team submitting 4 player line-ups each week and battling it out in 4 1v1 matches, with an ace match in the event of a 2-2 tie. Round robin #1 is seeded randomly and round robin #2 is seeding based on standing from round robin #1. After both round robins, teams are seeded into a bracket similar to Proleague, with 1st place granted 2 byes, 2nd granted 1 bye and 3rd and 4th place playing in a decider match. This bracket stage is Best-of-7 all-kill.

Prize Pool[edit]

A base prize pool of $200 from Saulo + all donations received go towards the prize pool. $1000.69 was the final total, distributed as follows:

  • USD Prizes taken from XE Currency converter on October 24th, 2015, 8:32pm AEST
  • eCKo received the extra 69 cents as a thank you for being such great competitors.

Participating Teams[edit]

Team Exile5
Silicon Sports
Frenetic Array


Round Robin[edit]

Overall Standings
1. Team Exile5 5-1 13-10 +5(1*)
2. Frenetic Array 3-3 15-12 +3
3. Silicon Sports 2-4 13-16 -3
4. Ecko Esports 2-4 11-16 -5
  • Warning points