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[e][h]Silicon Sports
Team Information
Mark "Petrify" Fittipaldi
Glenn "Synthetic" Jones
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
2017-10-05 - Pezz leaves
2015-07-16 - Pezz rejoins
2015-04-15 - NXZ joins
2015-04-21 - deth joins
2015-07-08 - Wally joins

Silicon Sports was formed in April 2013 focusing on the up and coming talent located in Australia and the South East Asian region. The team also runs events such as BarCraft Melbourne[1]

Silicon Sports is a major sponsor of the Oseanic Championship Series (OSC).


  • October 5, Pezz leaves Silicon Sports.[2]
  • January 21, Law leaves Silicon Sports.[3]
  • July 8, Wally leaves Silicon Sports.
  • October 15, rezyn8 steps down to join Razer[4]
  • September 6, NXZ finishes 3rd at ACL Melbourne, Law finishes 4th, deth finishes 5th at ACL Melbourne, Pezz finishes equal 7th at ACL Melbourne[5]
  • July 16, Pezz returns to competitive SC2[6]
  • April 14, Pezz retires from competitive SC2 [7]
  • April 15, NXZ joins Silicon Sports [8]
  • April 18, NXZ qualifies for WCS America Season 2 Premier League
  • April 22, deth joins Silicon Sports [9]
  • July 8, Wally joins Silicon Sports.[10]
  • March 4, Law (formerly Surge) joins Silicon Sports.[11]
  • April 4, Team Silicon Sports is announced with Petrify & RivaL as first rostered players.[12]
  • April 26, Kez joins Team Silicon Sports.[13]
  • June 4, StoicWilly (Myth eSports) and Pezz (Time of Rising) join Team Silicon Sports.[14]
  • June 10, RivaL retires from professional gaming to pursue charity work.[Citation needed]
  • July 1, Silicon Sports announces StarCraft 2 Academy.[15]
  • July 31, SLCN Academy Inductees Announced.[16]
  • August 22, ARze joins Team Silicon Sports.[17]

Player Roster[edit]

Australia  NXZ
 Ryan Jones
Australia  deth
 Daniel Haynes

SLCN Pro Team[edit]

ID Name 2015 2016 2017
auAustralia z NXZ Ryan Jones Premier League 25 - 32nd2015 WCS Season 2 Challenger League 5 - 6th 2016_WCS_Winter_Regional_Challengers/Oceania_SEA_Japan Challenger League 5 - 6th 2017_WCS_Jönköping/Qualifiers/SEA_Oceania
auAustralia t deth Daniel Haynes - - -

Former Pro Team[edit]

ID Name New Team
auAustralia p Pezz Jack Perry Downfall Gaming
auAustralia z Wally Hayden Bell
auAustralia z Law Lawrence Ho ROOT Gaming
auAustralia z Petrify Mark Fittipaldi Retired
auAustralia z Kez Kerry Hopkins Retired
auAustralia t StoicWilly Wilson Mun Retired
auAustralia p ARze Yang Wong Retired
auAustralia Z RivaL Henry Yum Ecko Esports


ID Name Position
Synthetic Glenn Jones Manager
Petrify Mark Fittipaldi Manager