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Yakov Shapira
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Yakov "Sinok" Shapira is an Israeli Zerg playing for eSrael.


Prior to StarCraft II, Sinok played Counter-Strike Source in various Israeli clans. With the release of StarCraft II Sinok began playing it and quickly became one of the best players in Israel.

Wings of Liberty[edit]


In September Sinok joined the first Israeli StarCraft II clan TOP (Team OverPowered) as one of its initial players. After moderate success in several local tournaments and a lot of promise shown in the national try-outs, Sinok was invited to join the National Team of Israel for its ClanBase NationsCup XIV campaign.


In April, Team OverPowered was approached by the multi-gaming clan eSrael and Sinok along with TOP's highest ranked players created eSrael's StarCraft II division. The newly created team participated in the SC2CL's 2nd season where Sinok performed best in his team, finishing the season with a 7-3 (17-9) record. During the course of the year Sinok placed well in various small online tournaments, with his next notable achievement coming in August where he finished 2nd in the IeSF 2011 Israeli qualifier losing 0-2 to Osho.

In September, Sinok participated in the ESWC 2011 European qualifiers, defeating biGs 2-0 in the first round and eventually losing to elfi 0-2. In November Sinok won his first cash-prize tournament after going 4-0 (8-1) in the NOM Tournament series November Monthly Final. In December, Sinok participated in the HWZone Hanukkah LAN. He was placed in Group B where he went 4-0 and went on defeating YuvalShot, Mosko and regba 2-0 in the playoffs. In the final he faced his teammate Zanubis for a close series, eventually winning 4-2 and taking home the 800₪ prize as well as an MSI netbook.


After being inactive for a period of approximately three months due to school and other various reasons, Sinok resurfaced in the Israeli scene.

With his return to the scene, Sinok signed up to the qualifiers of the IGAOpen Summer Challenge, where he proceeded to beat all the players in his group and advanced to the next group stage, where he lost only to PwSnykes and advanced to the next group stage. In the third and final group stage, 2 of the 4 players were disqualified for various reasons and Sinok advanced to the playoffs with a #1 seed after beating PwEman 2-1.

Sinok also participated in the IeSF 2012 World Championship/Qualifiers/Israel and reached third place after losing to Zanubis 3-0 in the semifinals and beating PwSnykes 2-1 in the match for the third place.

30 August Sinok started his games in the IGAOpen Summer Challenge by winning against Amit and losing to Snykes and once again face Amit and successfully qualify to second group stage, in which he beat Adonminus and also Eman to become the first in his group the 12th of September. In the quarterfinals 26 of September, Sinok faced Skipper and beat him 3-1 reaching the semifinal where he faced CltAltDefeat. However, Sinok lost 3-0 and fell to the game for 3rd place. 18th Of October Sinok faced Snykes for the 3rd place but lost 3-1 and thus placed 4th in the tournament overall.


  • Uses a Zowie Celeritas Keyboard and a SteelSeries XAI mouse.
  • Together with his friend Spinier, Sinok created and maintained the Israeli player list on up to the point of his short leave in 2012. Now the list is mostly maintained by various community figures such as iSneak and PwYuMi and updated automatically by


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2011-12-25 A11st HWZone Hanukkah LAN 2011 4 : 2  Zanubis $210
2011-11-03 A11st NOM Gaming Tournament Series: November 2 : 0  regba $80
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