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Hi, I'm new. Just wanted to add my observations. Using this build against medium AI to practice it, the fastest I was able to get the spire down was at 6:30. The spire finished at 8:10 and I was able to get 5 mutalisks popped around the 8:45 mark. This was my best time, with essentially no delay in the queen>hatch>queen>lair>spire order. Did I execute this correctly? Assuming I hold off cheese and early aggression, what can I expect the Terran to have at a similar point in time? Josiwe#891 05:26, 12 September 2010 (UTC)

check out the adaptation section

why would you only remove 2 drones from gas when your goal is to get the hatch up as fast as possible? changing it to 3 drones off gas.

how is this build a noob proof build? you have to pull guys off gas, you also HAVE to do damage against the other player with your mutas to justify it, and you have to finely balance your defenses, and scout appropriately to figure out what kind of threats he will throw at you and adjust accordingly, all the while maintaining maximium economy, and having good micro to do enough damage...

@above: if i recall correctly, leaving 1 in gas allowed for a nice timing of the lair. (i believe it was allowing for having enough gas just as second queen pops) Also noticed in the article: vs mass reaper. but mass reaper isn't viable since they changed prerequisites of reaper speed several months ago. (didn't remove it)

Hi, just a quick note. The 2nd task in the build order says 75 minerals for extractor. Should say 25. I know this won't trip most of us up but a new player might not know. -pocket88-

Shouldn't this build be updated? There is a much more modern standard 2 base muta build that includes a baneling nest before lair finishes and hatch first. This just seems very outdated. -DetrA

OK this is a very old article I'm going to spend some time updating it with a more modern and safe version of this build and will include some recent IdrA replays. -DetrA

Hope that will help newer players a bit more than the old version. -DetrA