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Participants Table with Teams[edit]

I've removed this monstrosity of a table. If we want a list by team we should use the version from the Code S article or the one proposed by PhiLtheFisH in the Code S Talk Page about this very issue. I'll leave the original here for now. shz (Talk | Contributions) 21:59, 10 February 2012 (KST)

Original Participants List[edit]

Protoss Protoss (13) Terran Terran (11) Zerg Zerg (7)
Finland elfi  Acer South Korea SeleCT  Dignitas France Stephano  Millenium
Finland Welmu  Empire Ukraine Strelok  Imba.FXOpen South Korea Moon  Fnatic
Poland MaNa  mouz Sweden Jinro  Team Liquid Germany TLO  Team Liquid
Romania NightEnD  Fnatic Ukraine Kas  Empire Portugal sYz  BLAST
United Kingdom BlinG  Dignitas South Korea Polt  TSL Ukraine Bly
South Korea HerO  Team Liquid Finland Satiini  eSahara South Korea Lucky  FXO
Sweden Seiplo  Alien Invasion Russia Brat_OK  Imba.FXOpen South Korea PhoeNix  Type
Russia TitaN  RoX Russia Happy  Empire
South Korea JYP  EG South Korea PuMa  EG
France Adelscott  Millenium Poland DieStar  Mill
Ukraine White-Ra Italy ClouD  ALTERNATE
South Korea ReaL  Type
Sweden Bischu  Dignitas