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Liquidpedia witholds an extremely high standard of quality and sportmanship, even tough deezer might be notorious he is far from famous and deserving of a liquipedia page.

A few skype calls to destiny and catz and harassement should not earn a well built liquipedia page, furthermore liquipedia should not promote these actions and encourage this behavior lest more people would want to emulate deezer who even if it may be seen humurous has inflicted pain and conflict for players, both amateur and professional.

- FacultyAdjutant

As an encyclopedic project, Liquipedia has to depict the SC2 scene as what it exactly is, which include its unpleasant sides. Deezer, whatever opinion one has of him, is a notable entity of the scene. He is for sure notable for the worst possible reasons, but regardless of his actions he is a known player, his ID even becoming a kind of meme depicting a notorious player. So, the question is, does a player who realised a few achievements (hence being eligible for having his own page) should be removed from LP? My opinion is no he shouldn't, for the reasons I expressed above. While I have no sympathy at all for Deezer, I think our obligation of handling the topics from a neutral point of view must prevail.
Koorb  Talk to me  23:26, 1 January 2012 (KST)
I sign Koorb's arguments. LP should not try to alter the SC2 scene by just showing the "good" sides. This would - sooner or later - lead to a strongly biased LP, which I (and I think many others, too) would not opt for. Therefore I also suggest that a CombatEx article is imminent... Beta2k 02:05, 2 January 2012 (KST)
Here's the thing. If Deezer were a player with even a small number of notable professional accomplishments, I might argue that he should get his page. However, simply for the fact that he has nothing of note to write on his page in the first place, there is no useful knowledge for the community to gain from his page here on Liquipedia (the only two things on his page are about his cheating and harassing behaviors). If we can rewrite his page so that it contains a useful amount of content on his SC2 career then I say we keep it. As the page stands now, we should get rid of it.--Jsemmens 20:39, 13 January 2012 (KST)