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It's kind of difficult to tell who really is JUST in A-Class and NOT in S-Class. imo it would be beneficial to filter out the S-class players from this table. Thoughts?

Like this:

Initial Players[edit]

From GSL Season 1 From GSL Season 2 From GSL Season 3 From ranking in GSL
Lotze Phoenix Sen Cezanne
August BabyByeBye Goma Junwi
Tankboy Ace Golden ButterflyEffect
TaeJa Pippi Squirtle Aya
TOP Tankboy* NewDawn Lyn
Maru Sync BitByBit Banbans
ReXZanDarke cOre sC
FreeSaGA Loner Ret
TheLittleOne Terius JSL
Keeping Suhoshin Monster
JustFake ParkJongHyuk GuineaPig
Bleach Gon July

(* means they have already made it to A-Class in an earlier season)

I'll clean it up when I get to it later. But yeah let us know if this is even a good idea or not. --John7kfc 00:56, 7 December 2010 (UTC) P.S. im new to wiki editing... am i doing this right?

Yeah it was a monster of unnecessary data. But then again I compiled it before all S-Class players were decided, one extra problem is that some of the players in GSL 1 and 2 changed their ID's to GSL 3. So I think I'll recompile it using the info from the rankings list in the current ranking section. I do see one problem with your suggestion and that is is that there is too many empty cells, I guess that could perhaps be because you're not extremely familiar with the wiki code yet. But I agree the list would look better if both the S-Class players and the previously qualified players.

And if you're doing it right well... as for the signature if you write it --~~~~ the site will put in your user-name and a time-stamp for when the comment was left. this should only been done on talk pages though. And go to wikipedia or mediawiki site if you want to read pretty comprehensive guides on how to edit things within a wiki and what options there are. --Salle 00:06, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

Ok I've updated it to look a little cleaner. I haven't double checked with the current rankings list too much right now. Thanks for the wiki help Salle! --John7kfc 00:59, 7 December 2010 (UTC)

Yeah changed the list to that. --Salle 03:03, 7 December 2010 (UTC)
I've updated the list to reflect new rules-

Initial Players[edit]

From GSL Open Tourney From GSL Code A Tiebreaker
Tankboy cOre Ace
Lotze Line aLive
Loner GuineaPig Ret
BabyByeBye Cezanne [Group B #1]
Squirtle Junwi [Group B #2]
July ButterflyEffect [Group B #3]
BitByBit Aya [Group B #4]
ReXZandarke Lyn [Group C #1]
Bleach Banbans [Group C #2]
[Group C #3]
[Group C #4]

--John7kfc 01:33, 14 December 2010 (UTC)


Edited the way we display players that are still in the tournament. Imo we should make it easy to see which players still has a chance to increase their points.
Example: DongRaeGu has 300 from and the maximum you can get from is 250. Hence I think that there's no need to use the blue color on him.
But GanZi has 130 points in so he can still increase his. => Blue color. --Prillan 22:45, 26 April 2012 (KST)

2012 points decay[edit]

So, with GOM's decision to have the points earned from prior seasons decay over time (see official point standings of Code S players here), the in-season updating of the point ranking has been thrown off. I'm reluctant to make any further updates to the table at this point, for a few reasons:

1. GOM never updates the points/rankings during a GSL season (for example, NaNiwa was always listed as tied for 73rd and Mvp as tied for 9th in broadcast graphics throughout Season 2, even though they were earning points and ranking spots as they advanced in Code S), so perhaps standings don't officially change until after the Code S Finals. That leads into
2. By the time points are "earned" at the end of the tournament, the previous season(s)' points lose value. Therefore, if you want to continue to add points after each round/match is played while still retaining accuracy, you have to apply the decay first, and present the table as representing the ranking for the next season's group draw. For example, it would be incorrect to just add 300 points to every player in Season 3 Code S right now; those points don't really get added to their totals until the end of the season, at which point they would also lose some points from what they earned in Seasons 1 and 2 due to the decay. However, if you were to apply the decay to the S1&S2 points as well as adding the 300 (or whatever they earn as the season progresses -- 450, 780, 1500, etc.) from S3, then you'd have an accurate view of how the rankings are taking shape for the end of S3. However, there is one small problem with doing that right now...
3. We don't know the exact way GOM is doing the points decay (they haven't really explained it). Earned points weight could go 100%(current season)-90%(one season old)-80%-70%-60% (a simple -10% each season), or they could go 100%-90%-81%-72.9%-69.61% (geometric progression), or GOM could do something else entirely that's not constant (100%-90%-75%-50%-25% for example). I sent a message to Snowbird to get some clarity on this, but it's the weekend and there are no games imminent, so I don't expect a response just yet. Snowbird has posted the points decay schedule, so this is no longer an issue.

To summarize this using a specific player: DongRaeGu has 4800 points after Season 2. His points and rank (2nd overall) will remain the same throughout the season in GOM broadcast info no matter what happens (even if IM_Mvp falls in the Ro32 and DRG goes to the final, which should make DRG Rank 1 if the points were applied on a continuous basis). If DRG doesn't advance past the Ro32, his point total at the end of the season would be either 4570 or 4620, assuming that GOM is using one of the first two decay schedules listed above (it won't be 5100 at any point in time, even though he's currently earning 300 points for Season 3).

So in order have correct rankings, you have to either

  1. Only update the points at the end of each the season (from GOM's point of view, the current standing will not change in-season), except for the blue/green backgrounds.
  2. Update the points and rankings as before, but also apply the end-of-season decay to the previous seasons as well, and present the table as what the rankings will be in the next offseason (between Seasons 3 and 4 in this case). This will be doable once we know whole points decay schedule.
  3. Do both: have a "current season" table that doesn't change (so it will match up with GOM's info) and a "next season" table with updates after each day of GSL games.

Thoughts? -- jobber123rd talk 11:50, 3 June 2012 (KST) (updated 02:00, 5 June 2012 (KST))