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This Team's Starcraft II division has disbanded.

[e][h]Team BX3
Team Information
Stein "SMW" Wilmann
Team Captain:
Ola "fubb" Ulseth
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:


BX3 was founded in 2011, as a Norwegian based gaming organization under the ownership of the Norwegian registered company Wilmann Holding AS. Moving away from simply being a gaming organization, and towards a more diverse operational portfolio, BX3 became BX3 Elektroniske Sportsklubb in 2012.

BX3 has still as main objective to promote Norwegian and Scandinavian E-Sports, alongside becoming a major household name within the European and eventually international E-Sports and digital festival scene.[1]

BX3 disbanded their Starcraft II division in 2016, but still has its other game-divisions intact.




  • Team's SC2 division disbands.

Player Roster at time of disband[edit]

Best Yearly Result

ID Name 2012 2013 2014
noNorway p fubb() Ola Ulseth - - -
noNorway t CreamCake Tin Trung Duong - - -
noNorway t NorthBrute Tord Skotmyr Løken - - -
noNorway z HOODOUT Robert Onarheim - - -
noNorway z Phaqui Anders Lorentsen - - -
seSweden z ZergLife Marcus Bennvid - - -
noNorway z Kolbein Jens Kolbein Sandvik Bratheim - - -


ID Name New Team
seSweden t Duggi Oliver Näsström Retired
seSweden p Loki Johannes Anttonen Retired
noNorway z Scyther Morten Wiik Retired
noNorway t Kare Marius Skoglund Retired
noNorway p Chi Erik Mundheim Retired
noNorway z Snitchables Ruben Drange Mistral eSport
noNorway t Scythe Stian Johnsen ECVisualize
noNorway z Twimp Thomas Elvestad Retired
seSweden z MaddeLisk Madeleine Leander eSahara
noNorway p IMBADUDE Toan Bui ECVisualize
frFrance p OkSPe Vincent Teroitin Retired
noNorway t Fury Andreas Tornes Retired
noNorway z MeltZy Mattis Bjørgan Retired
noNorway p Nas Thomas Hugøy Retired
seSweden t Znow Victor Armblad Team Infused
noNorway p Excludos Andreas Lagerberg Retired
noNorway z zUP Erlend Nygård Team GamersLeague
noNorway p evire Eirik Stensbøl Team GamersLeague
itItaly t Skorpio Alessandro Mortillaro Old School Clan
noNorway z Lizalfo Jarle Haugerud Birkeland Retired
noNorway z Nova Synnøve S. Hammerstrøm Retired
noNorway p qlimax Christoffer Lange Retired
noNorway z KinG Tom-Andre Lærum Retired
noNorway p Decophly Arne Undheim Retired
noNorway t MiCroLiFe Even Haugen
czCzech Republic z PikA Alexandr Jacko Retired


ID Name Position
noNorway Exciter Sigmund Stromme CEO
noNorway GrOggi Christian Hagen Player Manager
noNorway p fubb Ola Ulseth Team Manager & Captain


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