Turbo Reaper (vs. Protoss)

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This article may be outdated due to patch 1.1.2 making Supply Depot a requirement for a Barracks
[e][h] Turbo Reaper (vs. Protoss)
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The Turbo Reaper opening is an opening against Protoss designed to get a very quick Reaper out, designed to either force the Protoss to play safe enough to protect your opponent's economy, or pick off probes to damage your opponent's economy.

Micro is the key component of this strategy. If your first Reaper dies without sufficiently disrupting the enemy economy, you have invested into something that has given you almost no reward. Bringing an SCV or 2 to the fight can be a good idea. If you are able to construct a Bunker near his mineral line, the Stalker cannot kill your Reaper and you will be able to cripple your opponent's economy indefinitely.

As of patch version 1.1.2 this build can no longer be performed as the Barracks must now be built after the Supply Depot as well as build time increased rendering this build completely ineffective.

Basic Build Order[edit]

Do as much damage as you can until the first Stalker chases you off. You should arrive well before the first Stalker is out, and substantially earlier if the Protoss player has delayed your opponent's stalker for any reason, unless the Protoss player has cut economy to get the faster Stalker. Kill as many probes as possible. Against a two-gate build it will be advisable to continue to rally Reapers and snipe the Pylon if possible. This opening is over when the opponent has produced his first Stalker. Transitions into any other Tech Lab build.

If you see a Forge, switch into a fast expand build.

Times (In-Game Clock):

  • Finished Orbital Command ~3:00 (11 SCVs out)
  • 1st Reaper ~3:23

Alternative Build Order[edit]

By only getting 10 SCVs before your first Reaper, this Alternative Build saves your 11th supply for your Reaper and saves minerals for a fast Orbital Command. While you're waiting for the Barracks to finish, you will rack up to 280 minerals, this is to be expected and will be quickly spent on a Tech Lab and the Orbital Command the instant the Barrack finishes.

Times (In-Game Clock):

  • Finished Orbital Command ~2:44 (10 SCVs out)
  • 1st Reaper ~3:23

-Important Note- Once game time hits 4:40, there are no discrepancies between the Alt Build and the Basic Build. Both builds yield the same amount of resources (~1900 Gas + Min) and are at the same stage regarding infrastructure. This Build is mainly mentioned for those who are curious about whether this build order would be faster.

Extra Turbo Reaper[edit]

This build sacrifices economy heavily in order to get a Reaper out even faster. It is very important to do a large amount of damage in order to account for the self-imposed economic disadvantage.

Fastest Turbo Reaper[edit]

This build goes all-in, sacrificing all economy to get the fastest possible Reaper. By proxying, the Reaper reaches their base much faster. It is still possible to recover if the game draws out, by making Orbital Command -> Supply Depot. After the first two Reapers, it is generally good to get a Marauder to take out an inevitable Stalker

Counter to[edit]

Hard counter[edit]

  • 2 Gate

Soft counter[edit]

  • 7 Pylon Turbo Stalker
  • 1 Gate Core

Countered by[edit]

Soft counter[edit]

  • Fast Stalker