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[e][h] Uniden
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A low level, French Canadian player who gained his fame when he happened to be in a Funday Monday submission on Day9 Daily #200. Although his main race is Terran, he played as Protoss in the match he is known for.

In the aforementioned Funday Monday, Day[9] had put the restriction on the participants that they had to (in a Free-for-All game) - kill all their opponents in alphabetical order.

All other players taken out, Uniden did a base trade with the last person left. However, while his entire base was destroyed, his opponent still had a couple of buildings left. Uniden was now left with a single Pylon remaining. Since Uniden had no Nexus left, the location of his pylon was revealed to the opponent.

Since losing that Pylon would mean losing the game for Uniden and winning for the opponent, both players move their armies towards that location. They both get there almost simultaneously, with Uniden's army slightly ahead of his opponent's. During the ensuing battle, Uniden backs off a little bit to provide better cover for the army, but doesn't realize that this allowed the opponent to rush for the pylon, therefore eliminating Uniden from the Free-for-All.[1]

Uniden was later once again brought into the spotlight when it was realized, on November 15, 2010 that, GosuGamers were updating their GSL 3 qualification announcements by copying the list posted on Teamliquid. Motbob, OP of the thread where the qualification results were posted, stated that he wanted to add a fake entry to "troll" the people at GosuGamers.[2]

The thread was thus updated, posting a notice that TSL.Uniden qualified, and shortly after the results were posted on GosuGamers.

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