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The SC2GG weekly is a community based tournament that is open to all players of all skill levels. The SC2GG Weekly Tournament originally started in Brood War, and SC2 started a new chapter to the weekly history. We also added new features such as a 3rd place match, and power rankings. We want to make this tournament a fun, easy and exciting place to play. As the tournament evolves we will try our best to gather feedback from the players to make the tournament better. After all, this tournament is for the community.



# Date Summary Thread
#01 08-10-10 MarkOhFive computereasy EfHiro Bracket Thread
#02 08-17-10 AvOiD FromRyuk EfHiro Bracket Thread
#03 08-24-10 AvOiD Nack EfHiro Bracket Thread
#04 08-31-10 Spades ALIVEN EfHiro Bracket Thread
#05 09-07-10 Spades ALIVEN MarkOhFive Bracket Thread
#06 09-14-10 Spades EfHiro MarkOhFive Bracket Thread
#07 09-21-10 FrOsTy monk MarkOhFive Bracket Thread
#08 09-28-10 LuckyFool MarkOhFive snog Bracket Thread
#09 10-05-10 MarkOhFive Creeper BreAKmYBank Bracket Thread
#10 10-12-10 Kyo VaderSeven Donkko Bracket Thread
#11 10-19-10 LuckyFool EroSennin Awesome Bracket Thread
#12 10-26-10 MarkOhFive EfHiro MATTHEW Bracket Thread
#13 11-02-10 MarkOhFive Kyo JinX Bracket Thread
#14 11-23-10 MarkOhFive Thomas VaderSeven Bracket Thread
#15 11-30-10 strength vincent Azndude Bracket Thread
#16 12-07-10 CheeseGrater VaderSeven Nack Bracket Thread
#17 12-14-10 ccStrength REQPhiliBiRD LuckyFool Bracket Thread
#18 12-28-10 Hawk PikachuPKM James Bracket Thread
#19 01-04-11 LuckyFool sTkVADERvii Matro Bracket Thread
#20 01-11-11 Hawk Smileypiez Rose Bracket Thread
#21 01-18-11 Hawk CheeseGrater sTkVADERvii Bracket Thread
#22 01-25-11 sTkmonk Kyo CarlitoXPn Bracket Thread
#23 02-01-11 sTkmonk TiP Matro Bracket Thread

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