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[e][h]Hugs and Kisses
Team Information
Zack "Romance" Reeves
Team Captain:
Darrell "Bosnic" Lawrence
Player Breakdown
Number of Players:
Recent Player Trades:
Acquired IncOgnitO (Feb 21 2012)


Hugs and Kisses is an up-and-coming Starcraft II team based on the North American Starcraft 2 Server. It was founded at the beginning of Starcraft 2 by a handful of formerly semi-professional Warcraft 3 players, most of which came from the US WC3 team Certified Gamerz, or cGz. Originally playing under the name 'Team DD', the team's breakthrough performance came when they signed up for the CEVO Starcraft 2 League, placed in the Open Division. Playing alonside teams such as Requiem, which was to become QxG several months later, The KiwiClone Army, and Latest and Greatest Gaming. They finished the regular season in 3rd place, behind LaG.TT and REQ, but managed to beat LaG 3-1 in the Lower Bracket Finals, earning themselves a place in the Grand Final against REQ, to whom they fell by a score of 1-3. At the same time, they participated in the inaugral season of ESEA, in which they managed to secure themselves a spot in the playoff bracket, getting a notable 3-2 victory over Evil Geniuses in the regular season. In the playoffs, they suffered two quick defeats at the hands of CheckSix Gaming, the eventual 4th place finisher, in the upper bracket, and then to vVv Gaming, the eventual 3rd place finisher, in the lower bracket.

Still under the name Double D, they then participated in the American ProLeague, being placed in a group with Latest and Greatest, Stylecraft, and Truelove and Company. DD advanced to the bracket stage in second place, behind Stylecraft, while having defeated LaG and received a default win against Truelove and Company, who had withdrawn from the league. They were placed against NrG in the first round of the single-elimination bracket, the team who would eventually claim 2nd place, and lost by a score of 3-1.

At this time, a deal was reached where Team Double D would be absorbed by the Starcraft 2 division of Negative Impulse, acquiring players such as BoonrebU, Boyo, Rahdek, Gemini, Afterglow, Fundipper tBeezy and manager EcstatiC.

Only three months later, the team would split from Negative Impulse, while at the same time acquiring Odyssey, Zoku and Andro. When they split, it was agreed that a name change was appropriate, and after several days of debating, Hugs and Kisses was chosen over other candidates such as Premium Friendship Force and IFOUGHTBATMANONCE. During the split, however, the lost players Boyo, tBeezy and Gemini to DeadMachine, Starcraft Dream, and Eternal Plague respectively, while Afterglow and Fundipper would go inactive from SC2 altogether.

Under their new moniker, Hugs and Kisses once again achievement a podium finish, this time in the Vertex E-Sports League, where they finished the regular season in 4th place, behind Starcraft II Association, So Cabi, and Latest and Greatest. Going into the playoffs, they were matched against Latest and Greatest in the semi-finals, with a poll suggesting that 50% of respondents expected LaG not only to win the match, but the entire league, while only 6% thought xoxo could accomplish the same feat, despite a 5-1 record for Hugs and Kisses against LaG at that time. True to form, xoxo handily defeated Latest and Greatest with a 3-1 score, sending them to their second finals in team history against SCA, who they had lost to in the regular season, but had defeated 4-0 only a week before in another league (SCL). Once again though, they lost 3-1, although they still received an automatic acceptance into the subsequent season.

On the 13th of November, 2011, Hugs and Kisses participated as one of 25 teams in the inaugural z33k Team Series, a 1-day, single elimination tournament played with a Bo7 KOTH format. Participating against teams such as LaG, iP, cvg, Revoki, VP and IMBA, xoxo managed to work their way to the finals, with BoonrebU registering the first All-Kill since the team became Hugs and Kisses against the University of Cincinnati. In the finals, the team was pitted against cvg, and after quickly going up 2-0, they suffered 3 successive losses, which was revealed to be the work of an illegitimate player illegally using the account of another player. By the tournament administrator's decision, the player in question could no longer play, but the matches were not to be overturned, and so xoxo was still down 3-2. By the time the dispute had been settled, it had been over 12 hours since the beginning of the tournament, and Odyssey was chosen as the champion for xoxo. He took 2 back to back wins, to give the win to Hugs and Kisses, and hand them their very first championship.



  • August, Team Double D formed


  • June 25th, Hugs and Kisses merges with with Negative Impulse. BoonrebU, Boyo, Rahdek, Gemini, Afterglow, Fundipper tBeezy and manager EcstatiC join the team.
  • August 26th, Hugs and Kisses leaves Negative Impulse, losing Boyo, Gemini, Afterglow, Fundipper, tBeezy, and acquiring Zoku, Andro and Odyssey
  • September 26th, 2nd Place, VeSL
  • October 25th, 1st Place, SCL D2
  • November 13th, 1st Place, Z33k Team Series #1
  • November 17th, 2nd Place, CEVO-Open
  • November 27th, 2nd Place, Z33k Team Series #3
  • January 29th, 2nd Place, Z33k Team Series #8

Player Roster[edit]

Team Roster[edit]

Player Name
T CACanada Magnus Calvin Leung
T UsUSA BoonrebU Lucas Chen
T UsCanada Yoshi Adriel Leung
P USAUSA Bosnic Darrell Lawrence
P CACanada Andro Andrew Lozinski
P UsUSA Ragnarok Art R
P UsUSA OpSwadedOp Tyler Eygendaal
P CACanada Lucksack Shannon Z.
P UsUSA Nozick Andrew S Johnson
Z CACanada RoyalFlush John Lee
Z CACanada Roblem Rob McCormick
Z USUSA Bannon Rayce Bannon
Z UsUSA Avaay Joe Ferris
Z USUSA HedgeFund Mac Vaughan
Z USUSA IncOgnitO Josh van Dam
R USUSA Afterglow Alex Tatusko


Nickname Name Position
yUSA Romance Zack Reeves Owner / Manager