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[e][h] Crowbar
Player Information
Jesse Mustonen
2013-01-06 – 2013-11-30
2013-12-01 – 2015-11-15
2015-11-17 - Present

Crowbar is a Zerg player from Sweden currently playing for ECVisualize


Before Starcraft, Crowbar played mostly casual games but was never the casual gamer. When StarCraft 2 was released it ignited the passion to become a progamer.

The journey started with mostly streaming and laddergrinding as well as co-founding a rookie clan: EchO Gaming. A bunch of young hot-headed europeans aiming for the same goal. After some time with EchO, players eventually started to loose motivation and the team disbands. Crowbar was still very dedicated and manage to find a new team and joined the North-American Team oGaming. This was the next step practicing with Grandmaster players for the first time. As the time with oGaming come to an end they decide to help the players find a new team. From one NA team to another Crowbar joins No Dice Gaming. With the new team and much practice behind him he finally reaches Grandmaster for the very first time! After a while No Dice Gaming started to switch directions from StarCraft leaving Crowbar teamless again. With nothing else to represent anymore but himself he decides to start streaming more. Without taking away too much time from actual practice he decides to take the dedication to the max and get a Zerg tattoo and shortly after he took a trip to the mYi-house in Switzerland for 2 months