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[e][h] Microlife
Player Information
Even Haugen
August 8, 1988 (1988-08-08) (age 29)
2015-06-01 - 2014-12-13
2017-06-13 - 2017-09-03
2017-09-04 - 2018-01-19
2018-01-19 - Current

Even "Microlife" Haugen is a Terran player from Norway, currently playing for team Exeed Esports.


Microlife played Bw in his early days. He played UMS maps for two years until some friends introduced him into the more competitive scene He got quite good rank on the Iccup league (b) but his heart was whit the starcraftdreams' fastest possible map league. Playing whit all 3 races but it was his Protoss that was feared and could beat the top players whit. After a huge break from sc, he started sc2 right before Hots came out.

Hearth of the Swarm[edit]


MicroLife is often agressive in his playstyle. His favorite match up is TvZ. MicrOLiFe is Team admin of Exeed Esports


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2017-16-11 A33 - 4th [[Code Elg Sesong 1 [1] [2]]] 0 : 3  HeltEn 150 NOK
2017-13-11 A22nd [[PuroPuro No Antenne #1 [3]]] 0 : 2  HeltEn 200 NOK
2017-09-04 A22nd [[Den Lille Norske Turneringen BW edition 01[4]]] 0 : 1  Skruffy 50 NOK
2017-15/16-04 A11st [[HålogaLAN Ungdommens Hus SCII Master 2017 [5] [6]]] 3 : 0  Tredq Hardware
In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2015-30-11 A33 - 4th [[ SC2 Archon Challenge [7]]] 0 : 3  Snute 500 NOK
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