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[e][h] RainMan
Player Information
Marc Brink
December 25, 1989 (1989-12-25) (age 28)

Marc "RainMan" Brink is a Dutch Grandmaster League player currently playing for ECVisualize.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

RainMan has always been relatively unknown to the wide public but most European (semi-)professional players know him from the ladder. He is solid grandmaster who frequently causes upsets in several cups and tournaments but often misses out on first place. During his Wings of Liberty period RainMan frequently managed to make it to the Ro8 in daily cups and even won one of the CraftCup editions by beating Harstem 2-0. In addition RainMan only just missed out on representing The Netherlands during the 2012 StarCraft II World Championship Series. After RainMan defeated Ret 2-1 in the final of the second qualifier for the Dutch Nationals Ret took revenge by beating RainMan 2-0 on the LAN finals. Eventually Grubby defeated Ret in the finals.

Heart of the Swarm[edit]

RainMan started with a quick win in the DSCL Individual League 2013 qualifiers where he beat PoYo, Nimitz, uThermal and his team mate aGaham in the process. On the LAN finals his individual results were somewhat disappointing as he was knocked-out by Melle in the first round. However RainMan stepped up his play during the team league finals against LowLandLions. He secured the win for KnightS* Gaming by winning both his regular match and the ace match. Over the rest of 2013 RainMan won several Benelux based cups hosted by PROG4MER

RainMan joins ECVisualize the 22nd of January 2014 [1] and leaves KnightS*_Gaming together with Sjaak.


Date Event Result
2013-09-11 PROG4MER SteelSeries Challenge #3  RainMan 2 : 1  JackO
2013-06-12 PROG4MER May Finals  RainMan 2 : 0  Darkomicron
2013-05-16 PROG4MER Weekly #7  RainMan 2 : 1  Darkomicron
2013-05-06 PROG4MER Weekly #6  RainMan 2 : 0  Optimus(mCon)
2013-04-27 PROG4MER Weekly #5  RainMan 2 : 0  BlinQQ
2013-04-25 DSCL Individual League 2013 Qualifier #1  RainMan 2 : 0  aGaham
Date Event Result
2012-05-16 NK Gaming Qualifier #2  RainMan 2 : 0  Owl
2012-05-06 Playhem Daily #234  RainMan 1 : 2  Sheth
2012-04-27 WCS Dutch Qualifier #2  RainMan 2 : 1  Ret
2012-04-25 Playhem Daily #203  RainMan 0 : 2  Roll
Date Event Result
2011-11-25 CraftCup #L108  RainMan 2 : 0  Harstem
2011-11-22 Playhem Daily #68  RainMan 0 : 2  sLivko
2011-30-10 IEM Qualifier The Netherlands #1  RainMan 0 : 2  Grubby