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[e][h] Wolf
Player Information
Christophe Laporte
Alternate IDs:
aAaWolf, LDLCWolf
Total Earnings:

Christophe "Wolf" Laporte, not to be mistaken with the American player and caster, is a Protoss player from France, currently teamless.


Wolf used to be one of the best French Warcraft III players. He won many notable offline events, such as Gamers Assembly 2006, Atomic Re-SO 2006, three Cup of France... He also reached the quarterfinals of World e-Sports Game #3 in South Korea, and the quarterfinals of ESWC 2005. He eventually stop playing Warcraft III in June 2009, in order to focus on his oncoming bachelor's exam. He made his comeback two months later, while the French Warcraft III scene was fading away.

Wings of Liberty[edit]

Wolf began to play competitively after the release of the game, and joined Team LDLC.com on October 24, 2010.[1] He mostly competed in team events, and didn't make notable solo achievements. Disappointed by his poor performances, he decided to invest himself more after the end of the academic year.

Wolf eventually rejoined against All authority in August 2011.[2]

On March 6, 2012, it was announced that he had parted ways with aAa, hence becoming a free agent.[3] Wolf eventually rejoined Team LDLC.com on March 31.[4] He left the latter team for Team eXtensive on November 11, 2012.[5] He became teamless when Team eXtensive disbanded on February 9, 2013.


In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Team Result Winnings
2011-12-18 A22nd PxL-Lan 32 0 : 4  MiNiMaTh €125
Complete Results in any Tournament


  • He was a Night Elf player in Warcraft III.
  • Studies Economics and Management.[Citation needed]

WoL Matches[edit]





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