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YABOT: Welcome screen

"Yet Another Build Order Tester (YABOT)" was created to test and excersice Build Orders with all three races in StarCraft 2.

YABOT was created by Antistrange, Xorpwnz, Vlovsky and Nervosa. YABOT Maps stopped working with Patch 2.0.4, but an Extension Mod called "Simple YABOT" (created by NeoBlade) was released in November 2015.

The old YABOT project selected known maps like

to name a few and added special features. These features were a good way to test builds/BOs. E. g. your time is tracked, when you build your first structure (e. g. Pylon at 0:17). This way you can create your own records, practice and improve and after a while you will be able to break your own records.

YABOT's main goal is efficiency. Constantly building workers and units is often part of a good BO. To improve your timing, keep your minerals and gas low and getting an economic advantage in the early game might help win the game.

If you want to know more about Build Orders, you might find the "How to read Build Orders" article useful.

This Mod shows Timings and Benchmarks of your BO (Build Order). The main purpose of this Mod is to show builds to other ppl. If you are a SC2-Coach and want to show an opening to a "student" or if you want to upload a Replay to Liquipedia for future reference.


Example of using "Simple YABOT"
  • Press F5 (Custom Games)
  • Choose a map
  • Create with Mod
  • Search for "YABOT"
  • You will find "Simple YABOT"


  • Supports multiple languages like english, german, french and so on
  • Simple to use, no training, no technique required
  • Benchmarks at 5, 7 and 9 minutes
  • Supply benchmark
  • TSC benchmark
  • Worker Supply benchmark

Know bugs[edit]

The Mod was written to support LOTV, not HOTS. It supports HOTS, but the benchmarks were written for LOTV.

External Weblinks[edit]

If you want to train a specific BO over and over again, you should take a look at:

A video how to use SALT and "spawningtoool.com".